From nothing to something

The Pig4me project was initiated by the Menya Foundation after they got empowered by The “Nation 2 Nation Christian University” and “Discipling Marketplace Leaders” in community development. The vision is to see every villager with one pig at least. This goal seems to be difficult but the Menya administration decided to go slow, step by step till to the end.

The two days piglets. Monday, June 28, 2021

The project is to bring solution to the lack of organic fertilizer, meat end money. Looking at how big is the project, we can call it Macro Project. The problem is not where we are going to, but, for sure, the problem is to start.

Start with the resources at hand.

In August 2021, Menya Foundation had the “Pig4me project” in cupboard. To provide one pig to every villager or what we call “each one takes one” requires money. With thirty thousands BIF, MENYA bought one female piglet. This was the beginning of the journey. Today, the pig has six piglets. These piglets are not to be sold. This is another step forward in our journey. We are preparing other places for goats, sheeps , rabbit and other small domestic animals

90% of villagers are farmers, but don’t have what they need to have a good harvest. We are going a total of one thousands pigs in this first round. If you can do something to help us in this journey, we welcome you.

To get in touch with us, you can e-mail us at

New partnership, New deal

With a bachelor degree in theology and community development, the founder of Menya is putting things together in order to create job but not looking for job. After the VSLA project initiated by the CGSSE and the Printernet New-York, Menya has partnership with Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) and, in this sunny saison, no reason to seat. Let’s work and fulfil the SDGs1&2. In next days, you will see what we are doing

The Printernet – Menya VSL report

Initiator: The Printernet New-York

Mentor: The CGSSE

Leader on ground: Menya Foundation

Total group members: 25

Men: 5
Women : 20

Monthly savings: 5000 BIF

Interest: 1% per month.

The idea of starting a Village Savings and Loans project was brought out by the founder of the Printernet New-York. After his coaching, he connected Menya Foundation to the CGSSE for mentoring. After some time of receiving councils and tools from them, we started with the first group. It has helped members to overcome their basic wants. We have four groups and this story is  about the first group.

The use of their own money to prepare the future.

Started in May 2020. Every member had to save 2500 BIF per two weeks. This means 5000 BIF per month. Men and women, none has failed to bring his/her monthly savings. The circle lasts 12 months and  the 12th month is to bring back loans.

35 micro-loans have been asked by members. Some of them have been able to bring back money before the period of payment. In this case, they were able to ask for another loan. 

All the loans we gave have been successfully brought back without any problem. The first group shared their savings and interest this April 9, 2021.

What is the benefit in this project?

To ask for a loan is an obligation to every member. After we calculated everything, we saw that a member, who saved 60.000 BIF gathered 98.000 BIF. This means the benefit of 38.000 BIF. 

Four members have been inactive and their notebooks were unused. This caused a loss. Eighteen of the active members have bought piglets or goats using the loans they took from the group. We have many testimonies.

Challenges for Menya Foundation:

Menya Foundation has helped each member to get a notebook (where to write savings and loans). At the end of the circle, we need to buy another 25 notebooks to restart a new circle. We are not able to provide these notebooks because we no longer have stipends after the Printernet founder passed away.

We are in need of a computer to save the names and activities of every member.

Only the first group has a common metallic box to keep unspent money and notebooks . Menya has a plan to buy boxes  for all the groups (to keep notebooks and unspent money) but we are limited by the lack of means. 

If you want to reach out, feel free to messenger Canon Felix.

Our journey is to go from VSL to a microfinance where we will recruit others and create jobs for the unemployed youth.

Printernet Menya Burundi

Printernet-Menya VSL

The Village Savings and Loans Associations are of great importance in our rural village. The Printernet-Menya has initiated four groups. This is the second.

VSL Group name (Izina ry’umugwi): Turumwe (we are one)

Total members: 25
Abanywanyi: 25

Females: 24, Males: 1

Registration: 3000 BIF
Kwinjira: BIF 3000

Location: Bwoga nearby Bragita
Ikibanza: Bwoga hafi ya Bragita

Meeting: every Saturday

Hour: 6:00 AM-7:00 AM
Isaha: 6:00 AM-7:00 AM

Savings: 500 BIF by meeting, 100 BIF for social assistance
Imbitso: BIF500, BIF100 ryo gufashanya

Loan: Savings x 3
Ingurane: Imbitso x 3

Interest: 1% per month
Inyungu: 1%

Loan duration: 11 months

Ikiringo: amezi 11

12th month: share of dividend and restart of the project

Ukwezi kwa 12: kugabura no gusubira gutangura.

This has helped women to overcome the problem of begging money from their husbands who are, most of them, drinkers. Our project is to lead them be self sufficient in their daily life. The challenge is that we don’t have means to run the project

Who are we at The Printernet-Menya Burundi?

The Printenet – Menya Project has two folks in Burundi: One Reporter and One intern. Before the founder pass, they were monthly paid. Starting January 2021, they are no longer paid and have many challenges to get this monthly newsletter printed out and distributed to rural villages where villagers use it to learn strange language. If anyone can help by supporting this project, it will help us to serve many people like we did before.

March 2021 Newsletter. This is our second after the Printenet New-Yourk founder and supporter passed away.

Printernet – Menya Newsletter

Ikinyamakuru Printernet- Menya

Gitega Burundi

Gitega Burundi

Bwoga rural Village

Ikigwati Bwoga

March 7, 2021

The Printernet Project in Burundi.

Lead by Canon Felix

Umugambi Printernet mu Burundi

Urongowe na Canon Felix

Who is Canon Felix?

Canon Felix in indé?

(Canon Felix is a  Printernet Reporter based in Burundi, Africa. He is the leader of the Independent Pub Center in Burundi; He is the founder of Menya Foundation; He is a NIPAR fellow

Canon Felix ni umumenyeshamakuru wa Printernet ari mu Burundi, Afrika. Arongoye iyandikiro ry’ikinyamakuru mu Burundi, ni we yashinze ishirahamwe Menya Foundation; ni umuyoboke was NIPAR.

He is the writer, editor and publisher at Printernet – Menya Newsletter:

Ni umwanditsi, umukosozi akaba n’umumenyekanisha wa Printernet – Menya newsletter

He is a blogger at Yaga Burundi;

Ni umwanditsi muri Yaga Burundi

He is a storyteller

Ni umwanditsi w’inkuru

He is a journalist at La Nova Burundi (volunteer)

Ni umumenyeshamakuru kuri La Nova Burundi (aritanga)

He is a social entrepreneur, using the power of print for social justice and education

Ni umwitunganirizamigambi, akoresha ikinyamakuru mu kumenyekanisha iterambere rusangi n’indero

Local Ngo leader, he is a coach in entrepreneurship;

Umurongizi w’ishirahamwe, ni umuterantege mu bwitunganirizamigambi

Pastor and Church Leader, he is a facilitator at Nation -2- Nation Christian University at Gitega-Burundi.)

Umwungere Murongozi w’ishengero, ni umworosha kuri kaminuza rukristo Ihanga ku Rindi I Gitega -Burundi)

This project started in Burundi in early of 2018. The task was to install an office in a rural area, in which we provided internet and electricity to rural villagers. This was to reduce their long journey they make from their villages to the city where they can access the electricity and the internet services. We also taught computer skills to rural NGO leaders.

Uyu mugambi watanguye mu ntango za 2018. Ibikorwa kwari ugukorera mu bigwati aho twafasha abantu kuronka ubuhinga ngurukanabumenyi n’umuyagankuba uturutse ku zuba. Kwari ukubagabaniriza ingendo ndende bafata bagiye mu bisagara kuronderayo umuriro no gukoresha ubuhinga ngurukana bumenyi

With one reporter, the project helped many rural villagers. According to the challenges to bring solutions to, we recharged phones using solar panels; we had a small printer-copier that we used to print and photocopy documents. Although the Printernet New – York has invested, we rented the office. The one who got the investment wasted the money. Thus, I was impossible to pay house rent and encourage the volunteer we were working together. We were obliged to close.

N’umumenyeshamakuru umwe, uyu mugambi warafashije abanyagihugu batobato benshi. Bivanye n’inkenero z’abanyagihugu, twarongereza umuriro mu materefone twifashishije umuyagankuba uturuka ku zuba, twari dufise akamashini gato kadufasha gusohora no gufotora inyandiko. Naho Printernet New-York yari yararungitse uburyo bwo kugura ibikoresho, twakorera aho dukose. Uwashikirijwe amahera ntiyashoboye kugura ivyasabwa. Ibi vyatumye tudashobora kuriha ibiro no gutera intege uwadufasha muri ivyo biro.

The VSL Project and community development stories by

Eliane Niyonkunze.

Who is Eliane Niyonkunze?

(She is an unemployed teacher. She studied rural economy and development. She is the intern and coordinator of the Printernet Menya VSL groups in Burundi.

Ni umwigisha atagira akazi ka reta. Yize ivy’ubutunzi n’iterambere rusangi. Ni umwunganizi akaba n’umugenduzi w’imigwi yo kuziganya no kuguranana yatangujwe na Printernet- Menya)

The  Village Savings and Loan project came out in 2019. An online class started to teach to some members what the Printernet project was doing and then help the reporter. She has been reporting about our groups of VSL and other community development stories.

Umugambi wo gushiraho imigwi yo kuziganya no kuguranana catanguye mu 2019. Haratunganijwe ishure ku rubuga ngurukanabumenyi rwafashije kwigisha ivyo twariko turakora no kubamenyereza gufasha a name yes harakiri. Uwo ni we yandika amakuru ajanye n’umugambi w’imigwi yo kuziganya no kuguranana hamwe n’ayandi yerekeye iterambere rusangi.

The NIPAR gave a new vision to the project. After we were taught by the Printernet New-York founder ( RIP), the Printernet-Menya Burundi has started with Project management. We have already done two days face to face workshop with entrepreneurs. The challenge in this is to rent the place in which we hold the workshops. We are  running Pig4me , the newsletter and VSL projects. Before  the founder of the Printernet New-York passes, we were monthly paid.

We are on ground, serving the community

NIPAR yarazanye iyindi mbono mu mugambi. Inyuma y’uko uwatanguje (RIP) Printernet New-York atwigishirije ivyo kwitunganiriza imigambi, Printernet- Menya Burundi yarashoboye gutunganya inyigisho z’imisi ibiri, zikaba zahawe abitunganiriza imigambi batobato. Ingorane tugira ni ukudashobora kuriha ubukode bw’aho twigishiriza. Ubu turiko turabandanya n’imigambi y’ubworozi bw’ingurube, kwandika amakuru, ukuziganya no kuguranana. Uwatanguje Printernet New-York akiriho, twahembwa ku kwezi.

Turi ku rubuga, dukorera ikibano

Canon Felix and Eliane Niyonkunze

Printernet – Menya Burundi

NIPAR Fellows.

Gitega Burundi

Bwoga Village.

Printernet-Menya Newsletter

This is our monthly newsletter for the Printernet-Menya Burundi, the first after the founder, Michael Josefowicz passed. Starting 2018, this wise man was the supporter of this project. May he Rest In Peace forever.

After a heros there is a heros.

The death of the Printernet New-York was like a sword in some partners heart. What we will still remember is his kind :”Don’t blame someone because he failed to respect the deadline, things must happen when they are ready to happen”. Also, he taught reporters about time management. To honor his words: ” I want you to continue with the project even when I am gone”, we have printed 200 copies of the February newsletter. This will help 200+ readers to have awarenesses of the activities. Passed away in January 2021, this February, we printed the first newsletter. A friend of him helped us to go from doc file to PDF. Another one helped us to print it out. Her support is invaluable because we are using it to reach out to our readers.

In the starting, we used to teach rural villagers the “computer skills” using WIFI and solar power. This has positively impacted villagers. We welcome everyone who wants to support us in this project of enlightenment of rural villages using solar panel.

By Canon Felix, Reporter

Ugly death, why have you done this?

Michael Josefowicz (RIP), you shown me the way, but you left us without seeing the results of your coaching. Here at Printernet-Menya Burundi, you are unforgettable.

Ugly death, why have you done this? Ugly death, why do you bring sorrow? Ugly death, why do you put people in dire situation? Ugly death, when will you be satisfied?

Ugly death, who told you we will stop? Ugly death, who sent you to do that evil action? Ugly death, who will praise you? Ugly death, who is your friend?

Ugly death, how bad are you! Ugly death, how do you want us to move? Ugly death, what is your vision?

You tried to stop us but you failed. You did what you did but we are unstoppable. You took him as quickly as you want, but his memory is here. You took him after he finished to show me what to do in our face to face workshop. You stopped him from seeing what he started.

Menya misses his coaching. Menya misses his consultancy. Menya misses his advice and everything from him.

Ugly death, you are very bad

Michael Josefowicz, the unstoppable man

Many of us, when they encounter problems in their project, they stop by there and failure knock on the door. Michael Josefowicz, the very wise man, in a such situation was not stopped. With his own philosophy known under the name of NEME (Notice-Engage-Mull-Exchange ), he was able to hold a good converzation in his connections, after what he made a choice to clarify who was worthy yo continue with him.

Lazy people in the project

All started with the investment. In each village, he started by investing money to cover primary wants in the office. Lazy people got the investment but didn’t do anything with it. They shut up like nothing had been done. The decision of sending money to a person with who you have not been together is very serious. Till now, these lazy people are silent. Unfortunately to them, the project continue.

Michael Josefowicz said: “The ideation of showing the power of print came in my mind in 2009. This dream came true staring 2018 when I helped to install the Independant Pub Centers in some african countries. There are some people to who I have sent investment to use in the Printernet office. They notified me to have got money but have never told me what they are doing with the money I sent to them. This will not stop me. With conversations, it is not easy to know if you are talking with a man who does what he said he will do. I struggled to finding someone to lead the project. Right now, I have found some. Onward, ever onward. I am a retired man. I want you to continue even when I am gone. I want people to see that the Printernet is not limited to you and I, but testimonies will continue to flow even when I will no longer be among you. Lazy people have eaten the money, but real men are working. I will be helping my partner to know how to use the resources they have at hands. I am not stopped by lazy people because, if they do that, they stop their own blessings”.

By Canon Felix, Gitega Burundi, the Printernet reporter.

The best of Michael Josefowicz in Burundi

He was a retired man who lived in the New-York City. He was a man of vision and humanitarian. He helped many people using social networks, tools that many neglect. For him, it was a place to coach, mentor and consult his partners. He was fluent on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter and other tools. He was very quick in responding to questions or suggesting solution on an given issue. With his councils and support, we came to the foundation of Menya Foundation, a social enterprise whose objective is “Responsible use of social network”. Let’s talk about his activities in Burundi where many people have benefited from the Printernet Project.

Ni umugabo yari mu karuhuko k’izabukuru yaba mu gisagara ca New-York. Yari umugabo afise iyerekwa kandi yitaho abandi. Yarafashije benshi akoresheje imbuga ngurukanabumenyi, ibikoresho benshi badaha agaciro. Kuri we, vyari ibibanza vyo gufasha, guhanura no keereka inzira abo bakorana. Yakoresha cane Facebook, Messenger, Twitter n’ahandi. Yari abangutse mu gutorera umuti amatati no mu tanga intumbero ku kibazo kanaka. Impanuro n’ubushigikizi vyiwe ni vyo vyadushoboje gutanguza Menya Foundation, ishirahamwe rifise umugambi umwe wo kwigisha urwaruka gukoresha imbuga ngurukanabumenyi neza. Reka tuvuge ibikorwa vyiwe I Burundi aho benshi bungukiye muri uwo mugambi.

The Printernet project in Burundi
Umugambi Printernet mu Burundi

When we got connected, he asked me if I was ready to be a Printernet reporter, what I accepted. He helped us to install the Printernet office by investing his own money for our own good. In the office, he planned to have computers, router , flat TV, Invertor, solar panel, battery and so on.
Igihe twamenyana, yarambajije ko nemera kuba umuvugizi was Printernet mu Burundi. Naravyemeye. Yaradufashije gushinga ibiro vya Printernet akoresheke uburyo bwiwe ku neza yacu. Mu biro, yategekanya ko habamwo imashini nyabwonko, imboneshakure, ivyuma nikwega imishwarara y’izuba, n’ibindi.

Printent-Menya writings workshop
Uruganda Printernet-Menya rwo kwandika

In the second part of 2018, he settled a private Facebook group where he taught us to write good English texts and stories. Most of students were French speakers but, at a given moment, he realized that some of them were worthy to continue as interns of the project. Some of the students were selected as interns.

Mu gice ca kabiri c’2018, yarashizeho umugwi utabonwa na bose kuri Facebook aho yatwigishirije ukwandika icongereza gityoroye. Abenshi bavuga ururimi rw’igifaransa, ariko igihe kigeze yarabonye ko harimwo abakwiye kubandanya nk’abafasha (interns) muri uwo mugambi. Bamwe mu banyeshure baratorewe ico gikorwa.

Printernet reporters and the newsletter
Abavugizi ba Printernet n’ikinyamakuru.

His plan was incomparable. He named a reporter based in Burundi, Uganda and Malawi. These are all africans. We are leaders of Village WiFi where rural villagers are connected to the internet and electricity. Monthly, reporters have to write stories and he transformed them into PDF file. How quick was he! Hepaid us regularly. The salary is used to print out the newsletter and to facilitate its distribution in different places. None of us is complaining nowadays.

Integuro yiwe ni ntagereranywa. Yarashizeho abavugizi mu Burundi, Malawi na Uganda. Bose ni abanyafrika. Turi abarongozi b’ibigwati vya WiFi aho abanyakirwati baronka internet n’umuyagankuba. Ku kwezi, abavugizi barandika inkuru nawe akayihindura PDF. Yari abangutse gute! Yaduhemba uko ukwezi guheze. Uwo mushahara tuwukoresha mu gusohoza ikinyamakuru no kugikwiragiza mu bibanza bitandukanye. Nta n’umwe muri twebwe yidoga.

Paid interns
Abafasha bahembwa

He knew the importance of team work. He had provided interns to work with reporters. Here at Menya Foundation, the intern was regularly paid and this changed lives.
Yari azi akamaro k’umugwi. Yaratanze abafasha abavugizi. Hano muri Menya, umufasha yahembwa ku gihe kandi ivyo vyarahinduye ubuzima bwa benshi.

Every-yes every child will read in the world
Umwana wese wo kw’isi azosoma (inkuru)

This was another vision of him to help every child, wherever he/she is, to be aware of what is happening with the Printernet project using newsletters.
Iri ni irindi yerekwa ryiwe ryo gufasha umwana wese, aho ari hose kumenya ibiriko biraba kubw’umugambi Printernet hifashishijwe ikinyamakuru.

The Village Savings Loans Association initiated.
Itanguzwa ry’umugambi wo kuziganya no kuguranana

The Printernet Project identify the village’s challenges and come in with solution. Here at Bwoga, rural people have low income. With his coaching and mentoring of the founder of The CGSSE, we started with the first VSL group by January 2019. In 2020, we started 3 others. Each group has 25 members and are guided by Menya Foundation. They monthly save 4000 BIF and are allowed to request a loan with small interest of a 1% monthly.

Umugambi Printernet wihweza ivyo ikibano gikeneye ugaca uza nk’inyishu. Ababa hano i Bwoga binjiza amahera make. Mu bufasha bwiwe hamwe n’impanuro z’uwatanguje CGSSE, twarashize umugwi wa mbere muri Nzero 2019. Mu 2020, twaratanguje iyindi itatu. Umugwi wose ugizwe n’abantu 25 bose bari mu burongozi bwa Menya. Baziganya FBu 4000 kandi bakanasaba ingurane ku nyungu itavuna ya 1% ku kwezi.

Nemetics Institute for Participatory Action Research (NIPAR)
Ishure ry’uburondezi NIPAR

This is where he was leading us to. He took his time to post lessons that were helping us to go to that end, where we expected to get a Certificate. He has gone without reaching this goal. Damn the death.

Aha ni ho yariko aratujana. Yarakoresha umwanya wiwe akaduha ivyigwa vyodushikanye kuri seretifika. Yatashe atahashitse. Urupfu ruragahera.

Our decision is to continue with his vision.
Ingingo twafashe ni kubandanya n’iryo yerekwa ryiwe.

By Printernet – Menya Burundi
Canon Felix and Eliane Niyonkunze

Rest In Peace forever

It is in the early 2018 when I came to know you. From a French country speaking, I was asking myself on how we will hold good conversation. I remember the first message you sent to me through messenger. You are unforgettable

The Printernet project in Burundi

You asked me if I was ready to be a Printernet reporter, what I accepted. You helped us to install the Printernet office by investing your own money for our own good. In the office, you planned to have computers, router , flat TV, Invertor, solar panel, battery and…. . I knew you when all this was done, recruited as a volunteer. After you got all informations about your investment, you decided to work directly and this enabled me to be who I am at work. You are unforgettable

Printent-Menya writings workshop

In the second part of 2018, you settled a private Facebook group where you taught us to write English texts and stories. Most of students were French speaking but, at a given moment, you realized that some of them were worthy to continue as interns of the project, what you did. You are unforgettable.

Printernet reporters and the newsletter

Your plan was uncompareable. You named a reporter based in Burundi, Uganda and Malawi. These are all africans. We are leaders of Village WiFi where rural villagers are connected to the internet and electricity. Monthly, reporters have to write stories and you transformed them into PDF file. How quick were you! You paid us regularly. None of us is complaining. You are unforgettable

Paid interns

You knew the importance of team work. You had provided interns to work with reporters. Here at Menya Foundation, the intern was regularly paid. Your work has changed lives.

Every-yes every child will read in the world

This was another vision of yours to help every child, wherever he/she is, to be aware of what was happening with the Printernet project, using newsletters. You are unforgettable

Nemetics Institute for Participatory Action Research (NIPAR)

This is where you were leading us to. You took your time to post lessons that were helping us to go to that end, where we expected to get a Certificate. You have gone without reaching this goal. Damn the death. Here, I am not sure if we will continue….

Online workshop

In your last days of life, you suggested us to hold online workshop. Two days before you left us (RIP), you conducted an online workshop with the Printernet Nigeria. Here where I am, we did a face to face workshop. The shock started by the lack of your comment or like on my post. This put me in confusion. The next day I did, no comments, no like. This was not your habit and I was asking myself what has happened. You are unforgettable

The sad news fall, tires flew

It was in the early morning that I was aware that you have passed. My intern was near me. The pain in our heart, we found ourselves crying. We finished to accept that.

You are unforgettable

With your support I helped many people. Your support helped me to be who I am now. Your support helped me to publish the Printernet-Menya newsletter. Your support made me a man of difference. You have gone when we are in need of you. You have gone even if there were other programs we were planning. You have gone and we are crying. I have learned many things from you. Among what I learned, I saw that the social networks can change lives. The important thing is to find real people with real cause and real people with reality into them

For Menya, you were a Very Important People who lived in rich country caring for poor people in poor country. You are unforgettable