The printernet newsletter is a key

The October newsletter was about the disco located in Bwoga village. This is a rural area where it is difficult to see VIP buildings. After we printed out the newsletter, we, the Peinternet – Menya leaders called him to retrieve the newsletter.

PM Newsletter: Allo Marc, the newsletter for your disco is ready. How many copies do you want to be printed?

Disco owner (Marc): what is a good news! I need 100 pages. Print them out and I come to pay

PM Newsletter: Right. Be quick because time is rushing

Disco owner (Marc) in the printing shop: Eeeeh! Are you sure! Very fabulous. Please, make sure you will help me to spread the world, starting at the disco. I go to school to teach. When you are done, tell me. Take this money. Pay all the copies.

PM Newsletter ( after payment): Allo Marc, where can we see you? All is finished now.

Disco owner: I am here at Centre de Formation Professionnel (CFP). Meet me here.

PM Newsletter: give us some 30 minutes. We come.

Disco owner ( reading the newsletter): Wow! I am very happy to have this newsletter. This will help me to show that our prices are normal. People will see that the newsletter has helped us to spread the world. I told to one of my friend that there is a newsletter based in the New-York City that is writing about my disco. He was very impatient to read what is written inside it. I will go to show him and give him some copies.

This evening of October 7, 2020 we met him in his disco. What did he do when he saw us?

Disco owner (Marc): Hey! You are welcome here. Today, the number of my customers increased. This happened from when they saw the newsletter with the prices. You have really helped me because I was about to close due to the lack of customers. Continue this noble work to be a voice of the voiceless. I was to collapse but now, this newsletter helped me to be back to normal. Nowadays, I can see the flowing of money because the newsletter is displayed in every place where people gather. 

PM Newsletter: Thank you too. Your satisfaction is our strength, we are here for you. The Printernet Menya Newsletter wish you Good luck 

The Printernet is the voice of voiceless

Printernet-Menya Newsletter in and for VSL Group

The Printernet: The world farm of knowledge

The well organized network ( Part three)

Readers don’t figure out what enables the Printernet Network to do what is being done. Let everyone knows from where is this ability
Every – yes every child
The well organized network (Part 3)
Everyone has seen, in part one and two what people have to know about the Printernet. Let’s remember to our readers the we are not saying about charity organization, but a based investment network. All what is done is the result of the investment. In every family, something happens when it is its time. Deadline is the tool of the Printernet staff.
Why does the Printernet accomplish all this?
Natural staff.
The Printernet manager continue to teach all members to be natural. In this, partners are taught to write what they see happening in their villages without using fiction. The use of pictures explains more than words.
Original staff
Although the partners are based in different corners of the world, the Printernet staff amazes the whole world. Advised through social networks, things are done in the right time. Original people do original things. All the stories are real.
Staff with simplicity
The Printernet consultant has never been impressing partners. He says:” I have been doing mistakes for more than 30 years. Mistakes are new lessons”. This helps everyone to understand how humble is this consultant who everyday bring new lessons to partners and interns.
Attractive accomplishments
Based on what has been accomplished, the Printernet is the one to use the internet to coordinate all activities. Reading the reports posted in its groups is good but is not enough. If you want to see where we are, join the PATREON.
Spontaneity of the consultant
Here, people have to know that the posts and comments are the most used in order to guide partners. To every question, an answer is given at a reasonable time. No delay.
Adaptability of the staff
When the consultant want partners to change activities, he posts the idea on Facebook. All the partners and interns have to do is to adapt. No complain among them.
Dynamic staff
Dynamism helps everyone to do things in a right time. The Printernet T-shirts printed in Nigeria, and other villagers, the newsletter printed out by all villages leaders are some of the exemple to show.
The Printernet partners have decided to build their own office in their own land (Printernet land). We are still in the midway. Our contributions help the partners to do all what they do. Here at Bwoga, $500 can help us to finish the buildings.
If you want to reach out to Printernet Burundi, Gitega, contact us at

The well organized network (Part two)

The Printernet is very invaluable for its members and followers. Being its member is a great privilege while following it is an opportunity.
What are the characteristics of the Printernet New-York?
Maybe you can’t figure out how this network of Independent Pub Center is seen by its members and followers. For PATREONS of the Printernet, all is clear. We want new members to know the place they are.
The Printernet is itself
It (the Printernet) is relaxed, natural and unaffected. The miss of deadline was the cause of nervousness, but it is a great time to council reporters and members who missed it. No complain on that side.
The Printernet doesn’t copy others
To copy is not the characteristic of the Printernet. The installation of the offices in rural villages is a great testimony. The use of the internet to coordinate activities is found at the Printernet. Partners are advised through the internet. These ones are also paid using the internet.
The Printernet is true to itself
Integrity and honesty are the essential in this network. Through the Printernet newsletter, every child in the world is able to read what is happening. Therefore, to work and partner with it, you need to be honest, not hypocrite or guile.
A gate to true information
The newsletter is the way to the information. Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, …, testify. The partnership is really used because stories can be written in one country and be printed out in all of the others. English and local languages are used. It is a tool for rural villagers who want to learn the English.
The Printernet is sincere
They say what they will do and do what they have said they will do. All the stories are written by people on the ground.
One follower told me: ” I have never seen a real group like the Printernet. Although I don’t know exactly the meaning of all what is published, I see that all the posts help readers to change their mind. I can name the Printernet as an agent of change. I have been reading the June – July newsletter. I saw that we had a great opportunity to be reading it”.
The Printernet activities are possible because there is an investment. The rent of office is our problem to earning enough money. In Burundi and Malawi, offices are being built. The challenge we have is that we cannot finish it and are asking our friends, readers and everyone to support us. In this generation where the internet attract many people, “the power of print” must take the lead.
If you want to reach out, contact us at

The patreon at the Printernet New York

The well organized network

The super class for learners

The Printenet is the “Super Class for learners”. This network of Independent Pub Center is worthy to have this calling. 

Why is it a super class?

There are some reasons…
There are some months….


The Printernet has been the key to the internet and WiFi connection to rural villages. This project, in which an well equipped office is installed, villagers have learned many things about social networks and how it works. To bring internet in rural villages, the printernet use an investment. This one is to help the IPC to buy basic infrastructure: Two computers, one solar panel, one battery, one router, one flat TV and the means to rent the office apartment. There are many reasons….


Above two years, the Printernet is providing updates to every child in the world. With the Newsletter prepared in each IPC, the Printernet is a place where people can foreknowledge. Entrepreneurs have learned many lessons. In Africa where the deadline is not very easy to apply, members have been taught how to schedule every activity.


The Printernet is not offering charitable services. There must be an investment in order to implement the project.
All the Printernet reporters are regularly paid.
Interns are also paid
The PATREON is the key to some of the Printernet services. If you want to see what the Printernet is doing, join the PATREON