Ready to change the world


Let’s work together in order to change the  world. It requires hard work. World Merit, Thare Machi  Éducation and  the  Meal; together with the  local NGOs of GITEGA  organized an event. Teaching people how to prepare  safe  water  was one  of the  topics of the  day. World Merit is helping to impact communities. Don’t  ignore because we are moving fast fast.

Who supports who??

Using the UNSDGs, World Merit is helping young entrepreuners to acheve their dreams. There are many entrepreuners who work in rural places where there are not possibilities to reach on them. Team  of changemakers, World Merit wants  boys and girls to work with. These are the  local NGOs that organized the  évent:
* Tujehamwe;
* Bon Avenir;
* Africain Centre… . Farmers  are called  to work together. When people work together, they easily fight the  hunger. The picture  was taken on 24 septembre 2016 at GITEGA Burundi, at BWOGA hill. Many associations were there. It was a great  day  at all.

How to join others in  development?

To join  others is a good thing. It is unuse to work alone. There  are many changemakers at GITEGA and Bujumbura. The target is to impact our  community by using our  small things we have. On that day, the  country representative  of World Merit, together with our  beloved friend the  country representative  of ASASS were amont us. There were DVDs teachings provided by Thare  Machi Education  and  it was ASASS leader to teach that lesson  on safe  whater.

Young entrepreuner, you are called  to join us  in  order to work together. Don’t  work alone  again. We are here  to help each other.


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