Local Ngos are being supported

Social Initiatives Support Project is to help entrepreneurs to know their goals. World Merit Burundi, Innova Group, together with the US Embassy and Alumni Association have launched this project because they want entrepreneurs to know where they are doing.  Sometimes, you can find an organization or entreprise working without neither vision not mission. Some do not have strategic plan, Fundraising plan, communication plan….  . This project is to enable all of the local ngos to know what to do. As a coach in this project, I am coaching some organisations working at Gitega Province. It is a great task. The topics I develop are : Fundraising planing, Planing for impact and Leadership planing. 

Fundraising planing. 

In this topic, the project help the ngos to know how to fundraise for their organization. They have to know what is need. The project helps them to know :required documents for fundraise, what we must know before the fundraise, what we have to do, what we are allowed to do,…. . The project helps them to know where they can find funds. 

Planing for impact 

In this topic, we have to explan what is a project. Some organizations execute projects. If the deadline of the project, they close and they go. The project help the ngos to know that the end of one project is the beginning of an other one. According to some of them, they didn’t know how that can be. 

Leadership planing 

 In this topic, we teach leaders the good leading and a good leader. They have to know that leaders are the pillar of the organization. Leaders must be strong in organization. Leader have to agree that in his members there are others who can Lead.

The beneficiaries of the project are very pleased. To be a good entrepreneur, we must know our goal. 


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