Social Initiatives Support Project 

This project is to enable entrepreneurs to know their goals. I let you know that some of the organizations do not know the difference between vision and mission. The Alumni Association, in partenership with US Embassy has initiated this project. World Merit Burundi, Innova Group and PARJE are coaching local ngos. This is the coach of SAPABU & FAQES HANDICAP  were coached. The developed thems are Fundraising planing, planing for impact and leadership planing. All these topics are very interesting for all entrepreneurs. It is a great opportunity to know what they need in raising money for their organization

Fundraising planing. 

In this topic, entrepreneurs receive everything required for the raise of money. This is the response of some ngos who do not know how they can raise money. All required documents are given. Councils are also provided so that everyone will go where he knows. 

Planing for impact. 

Due to the case that some ngos begin with a project to execute at a given period and at the and of the project they close their doors, this topic helps them to know that the end of the project is the beginning of an other one. 

Leadership planing 

There are several problems in some of the organizations. Among them, the problem of leading the organization take the first place. This topic helps them to know that a leader is a servant. There is no need to behave as a Master.  After a hero are heros. 


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