The gays and the society

Gays are a group of people who believe in homosexuality. For them, no heterosexuality. The society has not yet understood this behaviour and there is a discrimination of them. I would like to call every one to help them.

  1. Why are they like that ? 
  2. What are their émotions ? 
  3. How can we help ? 

Is it possible to teach them ? 

All of those questions need answers. Who are we to discriminante them ?  At any rate, it would be better if we help them and give them the opportunity to talk to us. 


Share what we culivate with local population 

It was Saturday 23 septembre 2017 that World Merit Burundi, in partenership with the Meal hosted an event. Local population was called to share what they harvest in their lands. Hosting a such event is an opportunity to be connected to the whole world. Many people attended the event. 

Why the event ? 

The event is hold in other to put together the local people. It is an opportunity to teach them on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is known that most of people don’t know these goals. We also share other things which are to promote our level of our Life. In the event, we call people to join their hands and work together. 

What is the importance of the event ? 

The importance of the event is that all the attendants will know one an other. Also, they get time to fix the objectives of the next year. As the event is organized by World Merit Burundi and The Meal, the entrepreneurs gather together and get council of the entrepreneurship. We thank the organization team. Let’s join our hands and work as one man.