An unforgettable cellphone call: Episode 1.

There are some unforgettable situations in everyone’s life. It means that, considering what you do, how and who you are, there is an unforgettable day in your mind, the day starting when you begun to see the way, when you saw new things. This is my own story as Canon Felix, a blogger and social Entrepreneur.

I remember that day. In May 2015, midnight of the first day of that month, I was reading Facebook posts . I was in my bed. I saw a post shared by a Facebookfriend of mine. I have never seen him. The post was for Yaga Community. We were called to apply in order to become bloggers. I got up at that moment, took a block note and a pen. I slowly left the bed, seated in the seating room, wrote down a poem in Kirundi, our native language. In October of the same year, I was called by a woman voice, telling me that I was selected. Since that month, I am known as a blogger and I am proud of that.

Member of an International Organization

I continued to post texts of all kind on my blog according to my availability. I used Facebook as a professional. At that time, I had not any goal. Some people say that Facebook is a field of liestellers. But this didn’t concen me. In June 2016, the same friend shared an other post. This one was in English. I read it and decided to apply. It was about the preparation of World Merit Day 2016. After I applied, an e-mail came in a short time, asking me if, at that time I knew their legal representative in Burundi. My answer to this question was no. They gave me his names. I found him through Facebook research. I told him that his names were given to me by the headquarter of World Merit. He explained me everything, even the preparation of the event. This event was to be held in July 2016 and it was not funded. I prepared and held it by my own means. In 2017, an other event of the same organization took place, like the last one. All the money I used was not given back till now. I continued as a leader and member of the organization at Gitega. In 2017, I was selected as a coach in “Social Initiatives Support Project”. This one was not funded also. We were asked to coach at least five organizations, but I did it for twelve. The topics I had to develop were Fundraising Planning, Planning for Impact and Leadership Planning. It was a hard work but it gave me an other view for my blog. It is from that project that I saw the problems of entrepreneurship. They are many. I decided to publish stories about entrepreneurs and their achievements. This required me to found Menya Foundation. Nowadays, this Foundation is identifying entrepreneurs and what they do. (…).

The unforgettable cellphone call.

As I continued to post texts and share them on social medias, I didn’t know that it was impacting the community. One day of April 2018, in the early morning, I was riding my bicycle when my cellphone started to ring: it was a WhatsApp call. In it, I was asked to choose a village in which we can install a Wifi router, a solar panel and a flat TV. The caller explained everything, saying that this was the investment of PrinterNet Foundation, based in New York. As a leader, this opportunity gave me to think how people will gather in one place and be taught something. I realized that my time arrived. Since I heard that the villagers will have access to the Internet and electricity, I decided to volunteer in this micro project. This led me to get other stories to post on the blog. Right now, we are implementing this micro project at Mubuga Village. Right now, I am one of the Printer Net Networks Reporter.

To be concluded.

By Canon Felix

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