An unforgettable cellphone call : Episode 2

Starting the day I was asked to give one rural village, everything seemed to be quick. In this Printer Net Foundation New York micro investment, my task was to report what was going on in the village WiFi. Two reports were to be given per month.

Connected to the Very Important Persons

My acceptance of volunteering led me to be connected to the Very Important Persons at Facebook. The first day I was added in their group, I was unable to find out what was about what they were publishing every moment. I used to read only and leave without comments. After some days , I was added in an other group: Playing it Forward. For this one, everything was quite new to me. I remember that one day I had an idea : to leave in these groups. I didn’t left. Through a messenger thread, two things from two persons occurred to me. The first explained to me the importance of their groups. He tried to coach me on how I will write a report, he told me the importance of a blog. (…) . In this thread, he answered to all my questions. Starting that day, I decided to read with interest what they post and leave comments. The time was running, my view and manner of thinking were changing time after time. Meanwhile, I continued to post stories at without any problem. Remember that at that blog, one stories is posted in three languages. In an other messenger thread, he told me that Printer Net Foundation New York has reporters. He said to me:” I see that you are now following us with interest. I want to ask you if you can write a good report. If yes, I will tell you the next step”. My thoughts changed. I kept quiet for a while. After some hours, he told me :” I am waiting for your answer”. I accepted to become a paid reporter of Printer Net Foundation New York. I am based in Africa. In an other messenger thread, I was congratulated by an other Very Important Person. This one encouraged me to share what I have with others through what she calls Playing it Forward. She coached me, showing me how to do things without expecting to earn money. Really, since I was connected to M Ichael Josefowicz, Dasaratha Rama and to others, things are moving fast.

Many activities at the same time

The implementation of Mubuga Village WiFi gave me unexpected opportunities. The instant connection, the creation of an English Club, the interaction with different people for different reasons and many other things. The Printer Net Cafe helps me to see the needs of some entrepreneurs who come to ask a help on how to use social networks to promote activities. Nowadays, Printer Net Foundation New York is changing my manner of viewing things.

To be concluded

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