The benefits of connections : Episode 1

This story is for me Canon Felix. It is about the first component and my understanding of it. May be,if you hear many of us saying I don’t have good connections in my computer, you may be confused or you do not really understand what they mean. Starting the day I knew M Ichael Josefowicz and Dr Dasaratha Rama, I really came to know the meaning of that word, especially in Growing Systems of Success writen by Dr Dasaratha Rama. This word is the one in the six components.

Connections and their importance.

I was using my Facebook account like others. My knowing with M Ichael Josefowicz was through the investment that Printer Net Networks does in rural villages. Once connected to him, he acted as a teacher and a Coach on Facebook and messenger thread. He is an investor at Printer Net Networks. In his groups, I was connected to Dr Dasaratha Rama in Playing it Forward. She coached me in blogging and Play it Forward. In the village, I am a reporter of Printer Net Networks and it allows me to interact with the Very important people. As I was encouraged to blogging daily, this became my lifestyle. Looking at what is done now, I see that connections is not an other thing than people with whom you interact.

As I continued to post blogs and read the posts at Printer Net Foundation group,and play my blog forward, I decided to focuss on entrepreneurship. Through a messenger thead, the two Very Important Persons have been my mentors. They coached me in many ways. Satrting May 2018, I began to post texts every day. The inspiration from Printer Net Networks led me to the creation of Menya Magazine. The inspiration from Dr Dasaratha Rama is to write texts containing the six components.

The Printer Net reports are posted in the group. Here, everyone can see how investment is positively impacting the community. Through the connections I got trlhrouh Facebook, my life and manner of doing things are changing. I can tell you that, when the book « Growing Systems of Success » was ready on, a gift was sent to me from an other continent. Since my telling stories is my daily practice, playing it Forward is an integral part of of my life. M Ichael Josefowicz is encouraging me to post blog day after day when Dr Dasaratha Rama encourage me to play it Forward. These are the benefits of the first component : Connections.

By Canon Felix

Gitega Burundi

Menya Magazine

Menya Foundation


Un commentaire sur “The benefits of connections : Episode 1

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