Don’t wait a big money to start

The unemployment is a problem that needs solution. In Burundi, young guys are fighting that problem. Our target is to investigate where can be young graduates who didn’t get opportunity to be hired by the government. We are interested by they that are working to prepare their future. Menya Magazine is helping to show what is going on with these young burundians. The magazine has gone at Bwoga quarter, Zone Gitega Rural, Gitega Commune in the province of Gitega. Its objectives is to know how entrepreneurs work in order to inspire others.

Some of the unemployed are waiting for a big money to start. That is a bad mentality. Nsabiyumva Daniel is graduated D7. He was to be a teacher. We met him in his shop. He told to the magazine how he started. He said:

« My departure was a rabbit. This one was the gift from my grandmother because I was the 1st in our class. It was in 2006. After some month, my rabbit gave bath and they became 5. I continued my studies. These rabbits were sold in order to get school fees and other required materials. In 2014, I got graduated. I saw that unemployment was hurting many of young people. I decided to sold all the rabbits and invested in making bricks. The money I got was 30.000 BIF. It is this money that I started with. I continued my new job. After three years, it means in 2017, I built 2 houses. I also decided to open this shop. I am able to pay house rent and do other expenses. I am now in preparation for marriage.

Many people wait to get a big money to start. That is not good. They are waiting the time, but the time will not wait them. I call them to stand and work. The international and local organizations do not care for private entrepreneurs. My desire is to help us as they help others. If the government can install a bank to help in the fight of unemployment, this will help young guys to have loans. This will help them to start. Don’t wait tomorrow because tomorrow will not wait you.



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