Printernet for World Merit. Episode 1.

Some weeks ago, there have been a partnership between Printernet New York represented by Michael Josefowicz and World Merit Burundi represented by Nzigamasabo Léonidas. They met through Facebook. We, Canon Felix am a reporter of the Printernet Project based in Burundi. With Printernet New York, everybody may have access to electricity and a Wi-Fi connection. The eligible villages are they that are in rural village. World Merit Burundi has its own values. Among them, to empower the youth, to make a change, …. .

Printernet Project in Mubuga village

In this rural village of Gitega province in Burundi, the Project is being run by Canon Felix who works with World Merit Burundi. On the ground, we act as Printernet members and World Merit Burundi members. That is how it is difficult to separate the two.

Acting as Printernet members

Villagers are benefiting many services. This was made possible due to the investment of Printernet New York. These villagers have a printer/copier and other things. We are about to install a router si that they have access to Internet. With internet, they learn how to use social networks for the goodness of their ngos. In other words, they are being taught on the responsible use of social networks.

Acting as a World Merit Burundi members

World Merit Burundi is empowering the youth. This is one of the actuvities done by this international organization. Its headquarter is in England. In Burundi, World Merit organize workshops for entrepreneurs. This helps them to know their goals.

English lessons are being taught

Printernet New York is using Facebook to connect to the partners. The reports are being posted on Facebook groups. World Merit Burundi empower the youth, especially the entrepreneurs. In the project, it became very hard to teach rural entrepreneurs to use social networks when they do not know English. In the project, the English lessons have been included. Their teacher is :

A World Merit Burundi member

A Printernet Project reporter

A blogger, … .

As the English is the most used language all over the world, Printernet New York, World Merit Burundi and Menya Foundation are playing a vital role in that rural village where English was a problem. Everyone wants to study it but they are limited by the class walls.

I want to call to everyone to support the project. These lessons are for free of carge. Your support can help us to buy chalks, projectors, computers, and other thing to enable the project.

By Canon Felix

Gitega Burundi

Menya Foundation

Menya Magazine


We preferred to create our transformation centers

The lack of processing centers and market for agricultural products is a common problem for agri-pastoralists in Burundi.

Nzoyihaya Benjamin, a young entrepreneur says: « We 11 young people from the Kigobe Vocational Training Center, having carefully examined and found that in our country many are agri-pastoralists but that their crops are deteriorating due to the lack of means of conservation and flow market while we ourselves are able to process and export the finished products, which would allow the development of agri-breeding and the country, we put together our knowledge and our forces to create an association within which we grow and transform our crops. The Association is called « Union of Young People in Agriculture and Transformation Profession (UJPAT) to prepare our future. Our goal is agriculture and processing of agricultural products. Our headquarter is in Bujumbura, Ntahangwa Commune, Gihosha Zone, Kigobe District and Muhabo venue. With regard to the processing of agricultural products, we are all the rauleates of this school. We grow watermelons, corn, rice, …. We have already sold a watermelon field that we had grown in Muzinda, Mpanda commune in Bubanza province. We sold it in order to get money for other projects. We will grow and process maize, rice, watermelons, soya and mushrooms. We have already done entrepreneurial training offered by BCIE Association. In a few days we will be certified. Currently, we are cultivating corn and soybeans in Gihanga commune, rice in Rugombo commune in Cibitoke province. In a few days, we will receive training on the cultivation and processing of mushroom juice that is very necessary for Human health. We grow in small fields. We would like, when we have the means, to grow large fields to produce a lot. After all that, we will prepare for the transformation of the products. At this point, we plan to process cornmeal mixed with rice that has very useful ingredients. We will transform soy milk, watermelon juice, mushroom juice that will be used to curry many diseases due to malnutrition. We plan to go to other provinces especially in the plains of imbo and kumoso because we have discovered that these plains will be very favorable to our crops. Our fields are in Bubanza and Cibitoke, but the office is in Bujumbura. Our desire is to expand our field of action so that other young people who have similar talents to ours will be able to join us. This will allow us to develop this profession of agri-breeding as our slogan says.

That being, there are some problems. The burundian farmer does not have the means to obtain what he needs (composter, chemical fertilizer, seeds, fertile soil, water for irrigating in case of lack of rain, drugs for spraying , …). Farmers have a lot of problems: the lack of means to properly conserve our crops and the flow market. This is due to the lack of policy to help farmers find a solution to these problems.

I call on the government, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, environment, local and international organizations working in the agriculture and livestock sector to give us the material support and help us to find the flow market of our products. We have a shortfall because we are at the beginning: the place where we will set up the processing center, the place where we will build our own offices and well equipped, the machines that we will use in the transformation, the capacity building, to transform the products of better qualities that can be exported in order to arrive at a sustainable development. This development will help some disinterested farmers to recover.

Those who want to contact us can call us on +25769581022 or at the email address Support us by making one on account 34838 open to microfinance CECM « .

Menya Foundation

Menya Magazine


Nous avons préféré créer nos centres de transformation

Le manque des centres de transformation et du marché d’écoulement des produits agricole est un problème commun pour les agri-éleveurs du Burundi.

Nzoyihaya Benjamin, un jeune entrepreneur dit: » Nous 11 jeunes du Centre de Formation Professionel de Kigobe, ayant bien examiné et trouvé que dans notre pays beacoup sont des agri-éleveurs mais que leur récoltes se déteriolent suite au manque des moyens de conservation et du marché d’écoulement alors que nous mêmes sommes capables de les transformer et exporter les produits finis, ce qui permetrait le developement de l’agri-élevage et du pays, avons mis ensemble nos savoir et nos forces afin de créer une association au sein de laquelle nous cultivons et transformons no récoltes. L’Association se dénomme « Union des Jeunes en Profession d’Agriculture et de Transformation (UJPAT) pour preparer notre avenir. Notre objectif est l’agriculture et la transformation des produits agricoles. Notre siège se trouve à Bujumbura, commune Ntahangwa, Zone Gihosha, quartier Kigobe et avenue Muhabo. En ce qui concerne la transformation des produits agricoles, nous sommes tous les rauléats de cette école. Nous cultivons le pastèques, le maïs, le riz, … . Nous avons déjà vendu un champ de pastèques que nous avions cultivé à Muzinda, commune Mpanda en province Bubanza. Nous l’avons vendu dans le but de nous procurer de l’argent pour la réalisation d’autres projets. Nous cultiverons et transformerons le maïs, le riz, pastèques, soja et les champignons. Nous avons déjà fait des formations entrepreneuriales offertes par l’Association BCIE. Dans quelques jours, nous seront certifiés. Actuelement, nous sommes en train de cultiver le maïs et le soja en commune Gihanga, le riz en commune Rugombo en province Cibitoke. D’ici peu de jours, nous béneficiairons la formation sur la culture et la transformation du jus de champignons très necessaire pour la santé himaine. Nous cultivons dans de petits champs. Nous aimerions que, quand nous aurons les moyens, de cultiver de Grande champs afin de produire beaucoup. Après tout ça, nous nous préparerons pour la transformation des produits. A ce point, nous comptons transformer de la farine de maïs mélangé à celle du riz qui a des ingredients très utiles. Nous transformerons le lait de soja, le jus de pastèques, le jus de champignons qui sera utiluser pour currer beaucoup de maladies dûes a la malnutrition. Nous planifions aller dans d’autres provinces surtout dans les plaines de I’imbo et de la kumoso car nous avons decouvert que ces plaines seront très favorables à nos cultures. Nos champs se trouvent dans Bubanza et Cibitoke, mais le bureau se trouve à Bujumbura. Notre désir est d’agrandir notre champ d’ action de façon que les autres jeunes qui ont des talents similaires aux notres pouront se joindre à nous. Celà nous permetra de developper ce métier d’agri-élevage comme le dit notre slogan.

Celà étant, des problèmes ne manquent. L’agriculteur burundais n’a pas les moyens de se procurer ce dont il a besoin ( le compostière, l’angrais chimique, les sémences, une terre fertile, l’eau pour aroser en cas de manque de pluie, les médicaments pour purvérisation, …). Les agriculteurs ont beaucoup de problèmes: le manque de moyens pour bien conserver nos récoltes et le marché d’écoulement. Ce la est dûe au manque de la politique pour aider les agriculteurs à trouver solution à ces problèmes.

J’appelle l’Etat, le ministère de l’agriculture et de l’élevage, de l’environement, les organisations locales et internationales oeuvrant dans le secteur de l’agriculture et élevage de nous donner le soutien materiel et de nous aider de trouver le marché d’écoulement de nos produits. Nous avons un manque à gagner car nous sommes au départ: l’endroit où nous implanterons le centre de transformation, l’endroit où nous bâtirons nos propres bureaux et bien équipés, les machines que nous utiliseront dans la transformation, le renforcement de capacités, transformer les produits de meilleurs qualités pouvant être exporté afin d’avoir les devise pour aboutir a un developpement durable. Ce developpement aidera certains agriculteurs désinteresés de se relever. Ceux qui veulent nous contacter peuvent nous appeler sur +25769581022 où à l’adresse mail . Soutenez nous en faisant un dont sur le compte 34838 ouvert au microfinance CECM ».

Menya Foundation

Menya Magazine


Twahisemwo kwishingira amahinguriro

Nzoyihaya Benjamin ati: »Twebwe urwaruka 11 rwo muri Centre de Formation Professionnel de Kigobe tumaze kwihweza no gusuzuma neza twasanze ko aha mu gihugu cacu abarimyi benshi barima bakongera bakorora, ariko umwimbu wabo ukononekara kubera ubuhinga buke bwo kuwubima no kuwuhingura kuburyo bashobora kuzowikorako no mugihe kizoza, eka ndetse usanga bahurumbira ivyahinguwe hanze y’igihugu kandi natwe dushobora kwihingurira uwacu tukanawushora mu makungu maze bigateza imbere ico gisata c’uburimyi n’ubworozi eka mbere n’igihugu muri rusangi.

Twiyemeje gushira inguvu n’ubumenyi dufise dufise hamwe mu bijanye no kurima no guhingura. Twahavuye dushinga ishirahamwe ryo kurima no guhingura « Union des Jeunes en Profession d’Agriculture et de Transformation »(U.J.P.A.T) kugira dutegure kazoza keza narirya ari twe Burundi bw’ejo. Dushinze iri shirahamwe kugira ngo turime twongere duhingure.
Dukorera i Bujumbura, komine Ntahangwa, zoneGihosha, quartier Kigobe avenue Muhabo.
Twse twize aho nyene muri cfp kigobe ivyo guhingura ivyavuye mu burimyi.
Turarima: pastèques, ibigori, umuceri
Turamaze kugurisha umurima wa pastèques twari twarimiye ku muzinda muri komine ya Mpanda mu ntara ya bubanza. Twabikoze mu ntumbero yo kurondera uburyo bwo kwitegurira kurima ibindi biterwa twipfuza kuzorima no guhingura( ibigori,umuceri,pastèques, soja, ibizinu). Turamaze kwiga ivyigwa bijanye no kwiyungunganya twaronkejwe n’ishirahamwe « BCIE ». Vuba cane tukaba tugiye kuronswa ama certificats. Ubu turiko turarima ibigori na soja muri komine gihanga mu ntara ya bubanza, umuceri muri komine ya rugombo mu ntara ya Cibitoke.
Vuba cane tugiye kuronswa inyigisho zo kurima ibizinu no kubihingura ku buryo bivamwo umutobe w’akamaro ku magara y’abantu.
Twipfuza kurima ahantu hanini hashoboka kuko ubu turima hato cane kandi ntituraronka uburyo bukwiye bwo kurima ibiterwa vyose twipfuza kuzorima no guhingura. Muri kazoza, inyuma yo kurima ivyo biterwa tuzoca twitegurira gutangura guhingura uyo mwimbu, aho twipfuza guhingura: ifu y’ibigori ivanze n’ifu y’umuceri y’akanovera kadasanzwe ifise ibikwiye vyose. Mu bijanye n’amagara y’abantu, amata ya soja yakanovera narirya afise akamaro kanini ku buzima bwa muntu, umutobe wa pastèque utavanze n’ikintu na kimwe, umutobe w’ibizinu uzokoreshwa nk’umuti wo kuvura indwara zitandukanye no mu ngaburo.
Twipfuza ko twoshika mu zindi ntara na cane cane mu biyaya vy’imbo na kumoso kubera twabonye ko muri ubwo burere ariho ivyo twipfuza kurima bihaba kuruta ahandi. Ubu dukorera aha i Bujumbura nk’ahari ibiro gusa, tukarimira i Bubanza na Cibitoke gusa. Twipfuza ko uyu mugambi woshika Kure ku buryo urundi rwaruka rufise ubumenyi mu vyo kurima no guhingura bifatanya natwe tugashira inguvu hamwe nubumenyi hamwe nuburyo maze « tugahaguruka tugateza imbere umwuga » nk’uko icivugo cacu kiri.
Naho twababwiye ukwo, ingorane zozo ntizibuze. Umurimyi w’umurundi nta buryo bukwiye afise bwo kuronka ivyankenerwa mu burimyi( amase y’ikirundi, umwavu w’ikizungu, imbuto nziza, itongo rimera, amazi yo kunywesha mu gihe imvura itabonetse, imiti yo gupompa imirima, …) Turahura ningorane zijanye n’ukuntu twobika umwimbu turonse tukanaronka aho twowushora kugira udufashe kwikenura. Ivyo biva ahanini ku kuba ata polike ikwiye yo gutorera umuti ivyo bibazo bihanze twebwe abarimyi.
Natwebwe rero mwishirahamwe ryacu izo ngorane turazifise.

Ndateye akamo leta biciye mu bushikiranganji bw’uburimyi, ubworozi n’ibidukikije, amashirahamwe yaha iwacu n’ayo mu makungu akorera mu gisata c’uburimyi n’ubworozi kudufasha mu kuduterera, umwavu , imbuto, itongo ryagutse kandi rimera, kuturonderera amasoko twoshoreramwo umwimbu tuzoba twahakuye. Hari Vyinshi tugikeneye kuko turacari hasi cane: ikibanza tuzoshingamwo ihinguriro, Ibiro vyagutse twokoreramwo kandi irimwo ibikenewe vyose, amamashini tuzokoresha mu guhingura wa mwimbu wacu, gukarihizwa ubwenge mu buryo buhanitse ku buryo ivyo tuzohingura bizoba ibintu vyiza kandi bishobora gushoka hanze maze bitange ishusho nziza ku gihugu cacu, bikizanire amafaranga y’agaciro igihugu, kimenyekane, gitere imbere, bibere akarorero abandi barimyi baha iwacu no mu makungu narirya abenshi bacitse intege.
Ndateye akamo leta ,amashirahamwe y’aha iwacu, amashirahamwe mpuzamakungu, abagiraneza, n’abo bose bobishobora kudufata mu mugongo no kutuba hafi muri vyo vyose dukeneye narirya tukiri bato muri ivyo Ku bovyipfuza boturondera ku numéro ya téléphone:,+25769581022, canke agaca kuri email, abishimye yoshikana agatererano kiwe ku numéro ya konte yugurujwe muri microfinance CECM 34838 U.J.P.A.T-Burundi »

Menya Foundation

Menya Magazine


Kwiteza imbere ntibisaba kubanza kumara amashure.

Mu gihe hari abanyeshure basamara,hari n’abandi baticaye, bafise imigambi ya kazoza yo kwiteza imbere. Muri bo, benshi barindira kuzokora imigambi yabo bahejeje amashure. Mbega niko bitegerezwa kugenda?Haba namba, ahubwo nibamenye ko hari imigambi bashobora gukora kandi biga ntibabuze gukurikira mw’isomero.

Biratangaje kubona hari abishinga bicaye, ugasanga ivyo bakenera vyose bakabisaba abavyeyi. Iyo rero umurerwa aronse akanya, yari akwiye gufasha abavyeyi. Hari bake batarera amaboko, na ntaryo bagafasha abavyeyi. Akarorero ni Nzoyikorera Edyson asanzwe yiga mu mwaka wa mbere muri kaminuza nderabigisha ENS. Aratwiganira uko yatanguye umugambi wiwe:

« Maze kubona ukuntu ubuzima bwo mu gisagara bugoye,naciye ntangura kwiyumvira umugambi nokora kugirango uze unsahirize mu buzima bwa misi yose. Kiretse ko nari mfise ingorane zo kubura umutahe,nari mfise n’ubwoba bwo gushobora guhomba. Baduhaye agafashanyo-ngurane, naragakoresha ibikenewe ariko nkirinda cane kujana n’ibihe nk’uko benshi babivuga. Ndemera ndatubika uwa Vubi ndaheza ndaronka amafaranga nza ndacikishako. Bamaze kuduha agafashanyo k’amezi atandatu ndaheza ndaronka amafaranga angana nibihumbi ijana na mirongo ibiri. Niho nahitamwo kubwira ab’i muhira barandandariza agahene nari nasize bakangurishiriza ibihumbi mirongo itandatu (60.000). Mba ndaronse amafarangana ibihumbi ijana na mirongo umunani(180.000). Nuko narashoboye kurondera umugenzi asanzwe amenyereye mu gisagara turacanga umutahe, turaheza tugura amakinga abiri yakoze. Niko kuziha abakozi babiri bazishira mw’ ibarabara mu kwunguruza abantu. Uko umusi uheze kiretse ku wa mungu, baduha amafaranga igihumbi (1000) kw’ikinga rimwe.Ntankeka ko mu kwezi bigenze neza twinjiza amafaranga angana n’ ibihumbi mirongo ine n’umunani. Ayo mafaranga yaramfasha mu buzima bwa misi yose. Kandi ndabona neza ko muri kazoza nzokora n’iyindi migambi. Ntera akamo bagenzi banje ko uwobishobora yogira ico akoze. Burya iyo umuntu umuhaye ikinga akaja araguha igihumbi ku musi ukabona bigenda neza, vyumvikana ko wamuhaye akazi, gutyo ukaba umuhaye akazi, agashobora gutunga umuryango ».

Ni mwumve namwe ukuntu ariko yiteza imbere kandi agateza imbere n’abandi kandi ari umunyeshure.

Abanyeshure ntibari bakwiye kurera amaboko ahubwo bakanure biyumvire kazoza kabo, bamenye kwitunganiriza imigambi na nyaburya mu Burundi hasanzwe hari ikibazo c’ubushomeri. Gutyo bazoheza baze baratanga n’akazi ku bandi. Kwijukira kuja hamwe mu kugira batorere hamwe umuti ibibazo bihanze urwaruka nayo nyene yoba inzira nziza yo kwiteza imbere kanatsinda nirwo nkingi y’iterambere.
Ndateye akamo amashirahamwe, abategetsi ndetse n’abakunzi b’uburundi kugora baze baratera intege abanyeshure bafise imigambi y’iterambere irashe.

Canditswe na Dieudonné Ndayizeye.

Gitega Burundi

Menya Foundation

Menya Magazine


The money in your hands ?

The story of coffee changed from time to time in Burundi. I remember when when it was being introduced in this country. As it was a new thing to be introduced, the agricultures refused to plant it in their lands. After this was seen by the administratives who were led by stange leaders, they tried to convince farmers to culivate it. But how ?

You must plant coffee

The farming of coffee was done with many complains. This was an unknown crop and we know that burundians do not like to cultivate what they don’t know. Instead of farming coffee, many of them left their land.

Try it and you will be helped

A time came when the use of force became unusable. They tried to talk to farmers with one heart, without hurting them. For a farmer who will accept to cultivate it, a good house was to be build for him. For they that accepted, good houses have been build for them. They that have refused before saw that their friends were gotting good houses. They decided to cultivate it. Unfirtunatly, they, it was so late for them to get a good house through the farming of coffee. Starting that time , it was in 1980s, no one was allowed to put other crop in a coffe plantation. I remember one year when all bananas near to the coffee plantation were cuted. In the season of the harvest, farmers had to bring coffe to a station. It was known that the one who brought the coffee to the station was to be back in three or for days. In that period, coffee was helping families to accomplish their task.

Today’s coffee

The coffee is no longer seen as an invaluble thing. In its plantation, one can mixt with other crops. The production is not good at all. A call is made in ordre to rescue that inavaluable crop.


Menya Magazine for entrepreneurs

Some months ago, you have seen Menya Magazine on social networks. It is a publishing branch of Menya Foundation. This Foundation was born after the run of « social initiatives support priject ». As it is a social enterprise, Menya Foundation doesn’t ask money to the beneficiaries of its activities. The Foundation teaches entrepreneurs and the magazine publishes what have been done by the Foundation and entrepreneurs.

Printernet project for Menya Magazine.

Before Printernet Project started in Burundi, especially in Mubuga Village, Menya Magazine was publishing in 2 languages: French and Kirundi. Things changed when I was called to be a PrinterNet Reporter based in Africa. Starting that time, Menya Magazine begun to publish en English. Like it does for Menya Foundation, the magazine will do so for Printernet project. In the up coming months, we will be launching the magazine. A one week workshop with entrepreneurs will be organized. This will allow us to get stories of all kind of entrepreneurs. The goal of the magazine is to show to the whole world that there are young burundians who are working.

Menya Magazine for Printernet project

The magazine is spreading the word. As this project is led by the Founder and CEO of Menya Foundation, the stories about the accomplishments of Printernet project are published. The English lessons, the computer skills, the printing services are the work of the project. All these are published.

Menya Magazine is an online journal today. The goal of the Foundation is not limited on online publications only. This magazine will be printed and sold to entrepreneurs in order to read and know how other have worked in order to fight unemployment. To make this done, we are in need of any one who is interested with what we do to support us in what he is able to do.

Canon Felix

Menya Magazine

Gitega Burundi


Printerenet project for all

Rural villages seemes to be forgotten, especially in developing countries. In some of them, many people have to take a long journey in order to get internet services and printing services done. To reduce that expense, Printernet New York has invested in some african countries. Among these countries, let’s talk about Burundi and see how Printernet project is changing lives.

The rural villages are forgotten. But, there are some of them who are similar to cities. In some villages, we can find churches, schools, health centers and other things. I am going to talk about PrinterNet New York in these african countries. With a micro investment, PrinterNet is changing lives. In Mubuga Village, villagers are very happy because of what we are doing in there. We are serving them using printing services and others. Before, these villagers had to go to Gitega for these services. From Mubuga village to Gitega city, there are 21 kilometers. It was a tiring travel.

The school headmasters had to go to Gitega to get their exams typed. Onesphore, one of these headmasters said: » Printenet project is for the villagers, especially headmasters like me. Before it cames here, it was very tiring to get the check list typed. Right now, there is no problem about that. We recognize the work of printernet ».

With printernet project, all have changed. Even churches are our customers. Diomede, a representative of one of the churches said: » You see that I come here every week. This is because we have many things to do. Before you came here, we had to go to Mubuga. It was very tiring. As you see, it takes me a long time to get it done. My chief used to send me at Gitega. My bicycle is so old that to arrive in the city was a big challenge. Rally, Printernet project is for all. We, as church leaders appreciate what is being done here ».

The work of PrinterNet New York is helping us to gain our time and save our money. From Mubuga Village to Gitega city, we have to go with food. The money to buy food is a now saved. Printernet project Mubuga is calling to everyone who can help to overcome the challenge of lack of Epson L800 which will help in printing documents and photos. In the villages, there are other opportunities: The market of photos. We have many schools and other organizations who want their members to get an ID card. Due to the lack of a professional camera, we are unable to snap these students. Our call anyone who cane remove this challenge can provide us with the profetional camera. Printernet project in Burundi will change lives of villagers.

Menya Magazine


The secret of social networks.

While others use social networks to steal, insult, play politics or publish meaningless photos, I have just made an exploit. Via gmail, Facebook, Skype and other social networks. I am in the community of bloggers Yaga Burundi and the international NGO World Merit. To join these, I applied through Facebook.

Avoid the waste of time.

After realizing that social networks do not work without credit, I noticed that I needed a certain decision: not to waste my time without a goal.

Social networks, path of change

Without money, social networks are useless.

With my ambition to see why the information keeps coming, I started to search and research, especially facebook and gmail. It was in October 2015 that, after a test posted on Facebook, I was able to integrate into a community of blogger: Yaga Burundi, a collective made of very intelligent bloggers and different ethnic groups. These bloggers are characterized by an incomparable dynamism. After months of being blogger, I continued to search these networks. In 2016, just in July, I was able to organize the World Merit Day event. Things are going so fast that, in September 2016, I organized another event of the international NGO the Meal. This event consisted of sharing the local meal with the local population.

Later in 2018, I was connected to M Ichael Josefowicz and Dr Dasaratha Rama. Wacthing on how they use social networks, my brain was formated. Nowdays, I can testify the benefit of being on social networks, especially when you are trustworthy.

All this proved the opposite of what I had heard about social networks saying that social networks are there for people who don’t have what to do.

The mentalities must be changed.

Many people only post their photos, sometimes diabolical. They need to change their mind. They need to know that all networks operate on the basis of money and time.
What is the benefit of being on these networks?

The benefits are many. Let’s just mention a few:

* Connections with friends around the world,
* Read others,
* post information,

* Playing it Forward,…

I can not finish it.

– Facebook
– Gmail,
– Skype and others.

I call on young people who only post their photos not to waste their money, but also to take time to do innovative things.