Printerenet project for all

Rural villages seemes to be forgotten, especially in developing countries. In some of them, many people have to take a long journey in order to get internet services and printing services done. To reduce that expense, Printernet New York has invested in some african countries. Among these countries, let’s talk about Burundi and see how Printernet project is changing lives.

The rural villages are forgotten. But, there are some of them who are similar to cities. In some villages, we can find churches, schools, health centers and other things. I am going to talk about PrinterNet New York in these african countries. With a micro investment, PrinterNet is changing lives. In Mubuga Village, villagers are very happy because of what we are doing in there. We are serving them using printing services and others. Before, these villagers had to go to Gitega for these services. From Mubuga village to Gitega city, there are 21 kilometers. It was a tiring travel.

The school headmasters had to go to Gitega to get their exams typed. Onesphore, one of these headmasters said: » Printenet project is for the villagers, especially headmasters like me. Before it cames here, it was very tiring to get the check list typed. Right now, there is no problem about that. We recognize the work of printernet ».

With printernet project, all have changed. Even churches are our customers. Diomede, a representative of one of the churches said: » You see that I come here every week. This is because we have many things to do. Before you came here, we had to go to Mubuga. It was very tiring. As you see, it takes me a long time to get it done. My chief used to send me at Gitega. My bicycle is so old that to arrive in the city was a big challenge. Rally, Printernet project is for all. We, as church leaders appreciate what is being done here ».

The work of PrinterNet New York is helping us to gain our time and save our money. From Mubuga Village to Gitega city, we have to go with food. The money to buy food is a now saved. Printernet project Mubuga is calling to everyone who can help to overcome the challenge of lack of Epson L800 which will help in printing documents and photos. In the villages, there are other opportunities: The market of photos. We have many schools and other organizations who want their members to get an ID card. Due to the lack of a professional camera, we are unable to snap these students. Our call anyone who cane remove this challenge can provide us with the profetional camera. Printernet project in Burundi will change lives of villagers.

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