Let’s care of other families. Part 2

Ecovillage Project of the Barrow & Cousins Family Foundation, Dankunku.

The village lies on the south bank of the central river of The Gambia, in Niamina Dankunku. It has a population of about 3,500 people, the ‘mandinkas’ being the main ethnic group. Dankunku is about 10 km from the main road of Soma-Basse and is accessible by a small access road.
Dankunku has a public primary school next to a small clinic, agriculture, livestock and forestry slightly. The village benefits from the rural water supply project through the installation of standpipes at strategic locations in the community, but there are no water line connections to households. There is no electricity or telephone, which makes communication in most areas extremely difficult or very limited.
People operate in the area, both livestock and agriculture. The most important monoculture in the region is peanuts. The main food crops are rice, millet and various vegetables. However. As a result, they rely heavily on support from other family members and / or parents living in other areas.
Dankunku next to the river has a lot of wild horses, animals. These include monkeys, bush pigs, hyenas and, until a few years, tigers and leopards that occur, but because of the high rate of deforestation in the region. Yet all of this could be introduced in the region with the support of appropriate projects. My foundation would like to welcome members and visitors to our friendly ecological farm project in Dankunku.

Dankunku as a rich cultural / traditional heritage. Culture and tradition are generally considered in this community as an important factor to promote unity, cooperation for mutual trust, understanding and cohesion among peoples. The annual cultural festival is always held as a « reunion festival » for the residents of Dankunku who are currently living far away. This allows families, friends, parents and loved ones to reconnect.

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