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I am really thankful for many people who played a great role from my starting till now. When I started to use social networks, I was in bad financial situation. Many thanks to my wife who didn’t care about the lack of money in the familly. I remember many times at the end of the month, instead of buying food, the first thing was to buy data. Thanks to readers who have strengthened us in our journey. From 12/11/2018, Menya Foundation is known as one of the enterprise working in Burundi.

The journey

In 2011, I got marred. My wife didn’t get job. Financial problems were increasing from minute to minute. A thought came in my mind: to replace the lack of income caused by the unemployment of my wife. The problem was detected, but the solution was still unavailable. From that situation, I decided to buy a small phone. I used it to connect to Facebook.

i. A shared post become my opportunity.

I was using social networks without any hope. A friend of mine Rugomana Venerand shared a post of Yaga Community. It was in 2015. I saw that shared pist, it was over midinight. I woke up, took my block note seated in the seating room and started to write what Yaga Community asked. I was very confused but I continued at all. In the early morning, I went in a cyber to submit it. I submitted it without any hope. Fortunately, I got a call on 13/10/2015. It was a woman voice, telling me that I was selected to partake in a workshop. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I attended. All was new to me, but I decided to continue. I remember Anicet Nyamweru who created for me. I was really unable. I remember what Dacia Munezero concilled me. It was not easy to use a simple phone.

i. A team of good people

I begun to write. Some times, It was difficult to get inspiration. I remember how the editor used to resend my texts back to me, but he didn’t forget to correct me, showing me how things were to be. He really helped me. They encouraged me. The skills I got from Yaga Community led me to join World Merit through a Facebook application. In World Merit, I learned many things from entrepreneurs. As I continued to use social networks, I applied for Social Initiatives Support roject. I was selected and run it as a coach. This project helped me to see the way. The idea of creating Menya Foundation came from there.



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