Menya Foundation is thankful

The year 2018 has gone. This story describes Menya, from the blog to the enterprise. We are very thankful to our supporters.

The blog

All things started in 2015 with Yaga Community. I remember when we were at Ngozi province. All the words were new to me. One of the attendees helped me to create my blog. When he asked me to let him know the name of the blog, I openly said: »let it be called Menyasite ». At that time, I didn’t know what we were doing. The blog was created. In the first days, I didn’t know how I will use it. I tried to study everything. In a couple of weeks, I begun to post many stories.

Menyasite on Facebook

I countinued to post texts on the blog. I created a Facebook page with the same name as the blog. I forward all the WordPress post on that page. Many announcements are written on that page. We have many visitors and we thank them. In 2017, we started to post entrepreneurs stories and other related texts. This continue to happen until March 2018. It is that month when I was connected to Printernet New York.

From blog to social enterprise

Starting the month I was connected to the new and important Facebook friend, things changed very quickly. With Printernet project, everything became clear. It was our real time to gather stories from the 4 corners of the country. It is a hard work but we made it. We are very thankful to M Ichael, Dasaratha Rama and Kevin Wilson. They supported us in many things. They encouraged us. With their councils, Menya Foundation was registered as a social enterprise in November 2018. We were able to differentiate textes from stories, we wrote and printed Magazines, we got many tools from them. We can mention Menya Magazine prototype for entrepreneurs conference. We have organized and run the entrepreneurs conference.

2018 was a year of success. To accomplish this, we need to avoid laziness and be zealous. We hope that 2019 will leave us with many accomplishments.



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