From graduate to farmer

Unemployment is hurtling the youth. In fifteen years ago, to be graduated was equal to be hired in the government institution. This challenge came slowly slowly. Nowadays, wherever you put your foot, you meet an unemployed young man or woman. It means that we have working labour which is not bearing fruits. If nothing is done, there is darkness in the future.

Why unemployment?

Most of people see the cause of this unemployment but can’t do any thing to stop it. In ten years ago, parents were called to bring their children at school. This was a good thing. The number of pupils was increasing day after day. This pushed the government to build many classes in addition to the existing ones. The increasing of schools and pupils might go in pair with the increasing of teachers. Unfortunatly, their number was not increased. The graduated were obliged to wait years and years to see their sun rising. Today, it is difficult to expect that one will be hired. Some of unemployed have decided to break their laziness and begun to do other things.

From graduate to farmer.

Egide Karorero has finished his university studies in 2014. After he waited for two years, he decided to cultivate maze. He told to Menya Magazine: » After I waited for two years, I was convinced that I was wasting my time. An idea came in my mind. I tried to find fifty thousands with which I used to rent a farm, to pay daily workers, to buy maze seeds and all other things. In the beginning, I told myself that I will not be successful. Next year, I will rent big farm because I do not know how the unemployment will end. My message to other unemployed guys is to look for what they can do. Let’s change our mentality ».

Many are still awaiting the job. They forget that they are the first creators of jobs.


Menya Magazine



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