The goodness of speaking out

This story is about a printernet partner based in Uganda, Nyarushange village. His name is Atwongyeire Joseph. Starting 2017, he launched a project known as « Greening Uganda Project » in which his team and himself prepare fruit trees from the nursy. This project need many things.

This year 2019, they are in a rainy season and they wanted to continue the project. In this new journey, they wanted to use degradable bags instead of plastic bags to prepare the trees seedlings. At this stage, they didn’t find the way to go forth. He called for help from his coach M Ichael. This one, as he is an open minded man, he spoke out and post in one Facebook group: »
Friends, I need some advice for Atwongyeire Joseph who leads the Printernet Publishing Center in his village in Uganda. The situation is « the need to plant seeds to have 100,000 fruit tree seedlings for the planting season that begins in September. The plan, as of today, is to use degradable plastic bags in which to plant the seeds. The immediate problem is that a 100kg bag of plastic bags costs $180. One resource in the village is that one woman who received a micro grant used it to buy a sewing machine and now has a sewing business. One idea that came up is to find a material that can be sewn into bags. The advice I need is :
1. Has anyone used burlap – or any other cloth – seedling bags?
2. Is there another way to plant seeds to get to seedlings ready to put in the ground.M Ichael Josefowicz ».

Above eighty group members commented on that post. This means that group members have contributed. For example, Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, the leader of Umuntu Mouvment Burundi is planting Moringa trees. He prepared them from nursy. He contributed saying : » To do effectively and fight plastic bags at the same time, there is a new way to use bulbous bark instead of plastic bags ».
Nemad helped with a link to a video. He stated in these words: »Is something like this doable there, M Ichael Josefowicz? ».

Through these comments, the way was found. There is no more use of plastic to prepare the seedlings. Atwongyeire Joseph is thanking everyone for his contribution.

By Canon Felix
Menya Magazine
Gitega Burundi.



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