Learn to use resources you have at hand.

There are some years, I heard Moringa tree informations. It is a complicated tree but a must have. This medicinal tree is very important for our daily life. Many people do not know its importance. For me to know it, I learned it in the Nation 2 Nation Christian University based at Gitega City.

Problems of seeds

This tree is quite new in some regions of our country. They that want to farm it meet many problem. In additional to the lack of its seeds, it is very hard to grow it in the regions due to the climatic conditions. When we want to get the seeds, we have to buy them. Every thing is new. So, we need empowement. The picture below shows the concern if biodagradable seedlings. To avoid the use of plastics, we make local seedlings with biodégradable materials. This enable us to protect environnement.

Moringa seeds at hand

After I learnt many things about Moringa, the idea of farming it came in my mind. Like it is a new tree, it is difficult to get the seeds. What we have to do is to investigate how we can get them. In some years, Menya Foundation will launch a project to multiply that tree.

This Menya Foundation is a social entreprise who brings new things in the society. It brings positive change by impacting the community. When everything is ready, we have 5 years to come

As it is today. We are on the way of oroducing our own seeds. To accomplish that, the Menya Foundation has done a small nursy af Moringa. This will help us to get seeds Without expending our money.

Moringa is a very important tree. It will bee good if one family will have 10 Moringa trees.

Menya Foundation

Menya Magazine

Gitega Burundi



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