Printernet-Menya VSL

VSL Group name (Izina ry’umugwi): Turumwe (we are one) Total members: 25Abanywanyi: 25 Females: 24, Males: 1 Registration: 3000 BIFKwinjira: BIF 3000 Location: Bwoga nearby BragitaIkibanza: Bwoga hafi ya Bragita Meeting: every Saturday Hour: 6:00 AM-7:00 AMIsaha: 6:00 AM-7:00 AM Savings: 500 BIF by meeting, 100 BIF for social assistanceImbitso: BIF500, BIF100 ryo gufashanya Loan:Continue reading “Printernet-Menya VSL”

Who are we at The Printernet-Menya Burundi?

The Printenet – Menya Project has two folks in Burundi: One Reporter and One intern. Before the founder pass, they were monthly paid. Starting January 2021, they are no longer paid and have many challenges to get this monthly newsletter printed out and distributed to rural villages where villagers use it to learn strange language.Continue reading “Who are we at The Printernet-Menya Burundi?”

Printernet-Menya Newsletter

This is our monthly newsletter for the Printernet-Menya Burundi, the first after the founder, Michael Josefowicz passed. Starting 2018, this wise man was the supporter of this project. May he Rest In Peace forever. After a heros there is a heros. The death of the Printernet New-York was like a sword in some partners heart.Continue reading “Printernet-Menya Newsletter”

Ugly death, why have you done this?

Ugly death, why have you done this? Ugly death, why do you bring sorrow? Ugly death, why do you put people in dire situation? Ugly death, when will you be satisfied? Ugly death, who told you we will stop? Ugly death, who sent you to do that evil action? Ugly death, who will praise you?Continue reading “Ugly death, why have you done this?”

Michael Josefowicz, the unstoppable man

Lazy people in the project All started with the investment. In each village, he started by investing money to cover primary wants in the office. Lazy people got the investment but didn’t do anything with it. They shut up like nothing had been done. The decision of sending money to a person with who youContinue reading “Michael Josefowicz, the unstoppable man”

Rest In Peace forever

The Printernet project in Burundi You asked me if I was ready to be a Printernet reporter, what I accepted. You helped us to install the Printernet office by investing your own money for our own good. In the office, you planned to have computers, router , flat TV, Invertor, solar panel, battery and…. .Continue reading “Rest In Peace forever”