The gays and the society

Gays are a group of people who believe in homosexuality. For them, no heterosexuality. The society has not yet understood this behaviour and there is a discrimination of them. I would like to call every one to help them.

  1. Why are they like that ? 
  2. What are their émotions ? 
  3. How can we help ? 

Is it possible to teach them ? 

All of those questions need answers. Who are we to discriminante them ?  At any rate, it would be better if we help them and give them the opportunity to talk to us. 


Share what we culivate with local population 

It was Saturday 23 septembre 2017 that World Merit Burundi, in partenership with the Meal hosted an event. Local population was called to share what they harvest in their lands. Hosting a such event is an opportunity to be connected to the whole world. Many people attended the event. 

Why the event ? 

The event is hold in other to put together the local people. It is an opportunity to teach them on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is known that most of people don’t know these goals. We also share other things which are to promote our level of our Life. In the event, we call people to join their hands and work together. 

What is the importance of the event ? 

The importance of the event is that all the attendants will know one an other. Also, they get time to fix the objectives of the next year. As the event is organized by World Merit Burundi and The Meal, the entrepreneurs gather together and get council of the entrepreneurship. We thank the organization team. Let’s join our hands and work as one man. 

Social Initiatives Support Project 

This project is to enable entrepreneurs to know their goals. I let you know that some of the organizations do not know the difference between vision and mission. The Alumni Association, in partenership with US Embassy has initiated this project. World Merit Burundi, Innova Group and PARJE are coaching local ngos. This is the coach of SAPABU & FAQES HANDICAP  were coached. The developed thems are Fundraising planing, planing for impact and leadership planing. All these topics are very interesting for all entrepreneurs. It is a great opportunity to know what they need in raising money for their organization

Fundraising planing. 

In this topic, entrepreneurs receive everything required for the raise of money. This is the response of some ngos who do not know how they can raise money. All required documents are given. Councils are also provided so that everyone will go where he knows. 

Planing for impact. 

Due to the case that some ngos begin with a project to execute at a given period and at the and of the project they close their doors, this topic helps them to know that the end of the project is the beginning of an other one. 

Leadership planing 

There are several problems in some of the organizations. Among them, the problem of leading the organization take the first place. This topic helps them to know that a leader is a servant. There is no need to behave as a Master.  After a hero are heros. 

De l’entreprise au collectif des entreprises ? 

Nous allons abandonner le travail solitaire pour aborder le travail collectif. Umuce Entreprise en collaboration avec Spark a organisé un atelier dans lequel tous les organisations et entreprise sont appelés à l’abandon du travail solitaire afin Pour aborder le travail collectif.  Toute organisation ne doit pas travailler seule. 

Est-ce que la synergie des associations et entreprise est possible ? 

Les associations et entreprises qui sont dans ce chemain:

UCVSBU, GPAPA, AJEB, TCA, AJD, Twiyugunganye, Revallonte, Kobani et CPABU. Il y a aussi les artistes. L’atelier a lieu à l’hôtel Ego. Grand merci à la facilitation. Le travail collectif est plus rentable que le travail solitaire. A suivre car nous sommes au début. 

Local Ngos are being supported

Social Initiatives Support Project is to help entrepreneurs to know their goals. World Merit Burundi, Innova Group, together with the US Embassy and Alumni Association have launched this project because they want entrepreneurs to know where they are doing.  Sometimes, you can find an organization or entreprise working without neither vision not mission. Some do not have strategic plan, Fundraising plan, communication plan….  . This project is to enable all of the local ngos to know what to do. As a coach in this project, I am coaching some organisations working at Gitega Province. It is a great task. The topics I develop are : Fundraising planing, Planing for impact and Leadership planing. 

Fundraising planing. 

In this topic, the project help the ngos to know how to fundraise for their organization. They have to know what is need. The project helps them to know :required documents for fundraise, what we must know before the fundraise, what we have to do, what we are allowed to do,…. . The project helps them to know where they can find funds. 

Planing for impact 

In this topic, we have to explan what is a project. Some organizations execute projects. If the deadline of the project, they close and they go. The project help the ngos to know that the end of one project is the beginning of an other one. According to some of them, they didn’t know how that can be. 

Leadership planing 

 In this topic, we teach leaders the good leading and a good leader. They have to know that leaders are the pillar of the organization. Leaders must be strong in organization. Leader have to agree that in his members there are others who can Lead.

The beneficiaries of the project are very pleased. To be a good entrepreneur, we must know our goal. 

Vyose bisigaye bitacitaweho. 

Mu myaka iheze, abadandariza mu mabarabara canke mu bibanza bitazwi ntibakundirwa kwanda ivyashara vyabo batabikingiye inkungugu. Ivyo, nk’uko ibindi vyose vyagiye birata agaciro, na vyo vyaratituwe cane. Ubu usanga abo badandaza banikiye ibidandazwa vyabo hasi, naho vyoba bitumukirwa.  Ibaze nawe nko kwanda ibitumbura hasi, ibiyoba, amavoka, ibikaju vyovyo ntawokwirirwa arabivuga. 

Abajejwe amagara y’abantu bagiye hehe ? 

Umuntu aravye ingene bimeze, yoheza akibaza Iyo abajejwe amagara y’abantu bari. Usanga ivyo bidandazwa vyabo vyuzuyeko inkungugu ku buryo n’uwuguze abanza kubihungura inkungugu. Benshi bagura bariraho, nkaheza nkibaza igituma abatware bamwe bamwe batacitaho amagara y’abantu bajejwe. Nohamagara abajejwe intwaro guhaguruka bagatuza urwo rudandaza rushobora gukwegera akarambaraye igihugu cose. Ndavuga simvura. 

Quand les uns sont trahis, les autres continuent de bon train.

Bon nombres de personnes sont trahis par certains dirigeants des organisations, surtout locales. Certaines ont pris la décision de ne plus s’associer aux autres. Mais ici, tout le monde peut se demander si cette décision serait une réponse à un tel problème. Elles se sont décidées de travailler dans la solitude. Ceux qui ont choisi de contuer continuer de travailler en association. Aujourd’hui, c’était le jour de partage des récoltes. Quelqu’un pouvait lire la joie sur leur figure car, le prix des pomes de terre étant exhaurbitant, elles vont passer des jours sans en acheter.

Pourquoi travailler en association?

Le fait de travailler en association est sans égal. Chaqu’un amène la même part que les autres et le travail devient rapide. La production est partagée entre tous les membres.

Trouble in trouble

Sometimes, a person can be in a situation of fear. Someone may have finished bis studdies but no job. May be, in his head, he is thinking that someone else will look for his job. This is impossible because post of the persons de live with use the selfishness.

How can trouble be in trouble?

You have to watch out what is going on in the community. Also,someone must know  that the work is the key of our life. Nowdays, we are trying to change the mentalities of those guys un the waiting of the job which doesn’t exist itself. They are on the way of becoming entrepreneurs. Trouble must in trouble.

Urunganwe rwo mu myaka izoza ruzovyumva nk’umugani

Nta muntu ayobewe y’uko abarundi bo hambere bari bafise ubutandukane butari buke. Ibi vyabonekera ku kugene bari bafise amoko n’imiryango bitandukanye. Yaba amoko canke imiryango, vyose bigenda bizimangana uko imyaka igenda.

Umuryango ni iki?

Umuryango ni umugwi w’abantu, baba hamwe kandi bagokomoka ku muntu umwe. Barangwa no kwumvikana muri vyose, ugufashanya ndetse n’ugutabarana.

What kind of testimony

Some people testify that they have been working for lucifer, but at the moment of the testimony, they claim to have known Jesus Christ. Their testimonies are very funny because: – they don’t reveal neither their names, the names of people they met in statanic area nor the names of everything.
They keep satanic secret but they claim to have known God! CONFUSION