The power of connections

The power of connection is the whole story of the connection of Menya Foundation to Printernet New York. This will help many people who think that networks can’t play a vital role in their users. In this story, we will specify the role played by one of our Facebook connections: Printernet New York.

1. How did this happen?

This happened when I was asked to repoter for Printernet project Mubuga. As a blogger, it was very simple for me. The task is to give a weekly report about the project. As I continued to read other posts in our group, I was inspired and began to write entrepreneurs stories. It was very amazing and many of our readers saw that we were worthy to be supported. From that time, Menya Foundation got the first connection. Whith the coaching of the connection, we, Menya Magazine Club have accomplished great works.

A. The role played by Printernet New York

This our connection played a vital role in all what we accomplished as Menya Magazine Club.

1. Printernet coached us and we were able to produce a magazine. This shaped the villages and our readers.

2. We were planning a one week entrepreneurs conference and Printernet, together with Growing Systems of Success Dailly helped us to get a prototype for entrepreneurs conference. This was a great help and led us to the success of the conference.

3. Our connection supported us in the one week conference. With the prototype, we had great moment of teaching the GSS components.

4. Printernet designed the certificates of the conference attendees. This put us to another level.

All these achievements happened because we were connected to the very important people. This is what we call the power of connection.

Menya Magazine

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With the help from Printernet New York


The goodness of speaking out

This story is about a printernet partner based in Uganda, Nyarushange village. His name is Atwongyeire Joseph. Starting 2017, he launched a project known as « Greening Uganda Project » in which his team and himself prepare fruit trees from the nursy. This project need many things.

This year 2019, they are in a rainy season and they wanted to continue the project. In this new journey, they wanted to use degradable bags instead of plastic bags to prepare the trees seedlings. At this stage, they didn’t find the way to go forth. He called for help from his coach M Ichael. This one, as he is an open minded man, he spoke out and post in one Facebook group: »
Friends, I need some advice for Atwongyeire Joseph who leads the Printernet Publishing Center in his village in Uganda. The situation is « the need to plant seeds to have 100,000 fruit tree seedlings for the planting season that begins in September. The plan, as of today, is to use degradable plastic bags in which to plant the seeds. The immediate problem is that a 100kg bag of plastic bags costs $180. One resource in the village is that one woman who received a micro grant used it to buy a sewing machine and now has a sewing business. One idea that came up is to find a material that can be sewn into bags. The advice I need is :
1. Has anyone used burlap – or any other cloth – seedling bags?
2. Is there another way to plant seeds to get to seedlings ready to put in the ground.M Ichael Josefowicz ».

Above eighty group members commented on that post. This means that group members have contributed. For example, Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, the leader of Umuntu Mouvment Burundi is planting Moringa trees. He prepared them from nursy. He contributed saying : » To do effectively and fight plastic bags at the same time, there is a new way to use bulbous bark instead of plastic bags ».
Nemad helped with a link to a video. He stated in these words: »Is something like this doable there, M Ichael Josefowicz? ».

Through these comments, the way was found. There is no more use of plastic to prepare the seedlings. Atwongyeire Joseph is thanking everyone for his contribution.

By Canon Felix
Menya Magazine
Gitega Burundi.


From graduate to farmer

Unemployment is hurtling the youth. In fifteen years ago, to be graduated was equal to be hired in the government institution. This challenge came slowly slowly. Nowadays, wherever you put your foot, you meet an unemployed young man or woman. It means that we have working labour which is not bearing fruits. If nothing is done, there is darkness in the future.

Why unemployment?

Most of people see the cause of this unemployment but can’t do any thing to stop it. In ten years ago, parents were called to bring their children at school. This was a good thing. The number of pupils was increasing day after day. This pushed the government to build many classes in addition to the existing ones. The increasing of schools and pupils might go in pair with the increasing of teachers. Unfortunatly, their number was not increased. The graduated were obliged to wait years and years to see their sun rising. Today, it is difficult to expect that one will be hired. Some of unemployed have decided to break their laziness and begun to do other things.

From graduate to farmer.

Egide Karorero has finished his university studies in 2014. After he waited for two years, he decided to cultivate maze. He told to Menya Magazine: » After I waited for two years, I was convinced that I was wasting my time. An idea came in my mind. I tried to find fifty thousands with which I used to rent a farm, to pay daily workers, to buy maze seeds and all other things. In the beginning, I told myself that I will not be successful. Next year, I will rent big farm because I do not know how the unemployment will end. My message to other unemployed guys is to look for what they can do. Let’s change our mentality ».

Many are still awaiting the job. They forget that they are the first creators of jobs.


Menya Magazine


Menya Foundation is thankful

The year 2018 has gone. This story describes Menya, from the blog to the enterprise. We are very thankful to our supporters.

The blog

All things started in 2015 with Yaga Community. I remember when we were at Ngozi province. All the words were new to me. One of the attendees helped me to create my blog. When he asked me to let him know the name of the blog, I openly said: »let it be called Menyasite ». At that time, I didn’t know what we were doing. The blog was created. In the first days, I didn’t know how I will use it. I tried to study everything. In a couple of weeks, I begun to post many stories.

Menyasite on Facebook

I countinued to post texts on the blog. I created a Facebook page with the same name as the blog. I forward all the WordPress post on that page. Many announcements are written on that page. We have many visitors and we thank them. In 2017, we started to post entrepreneurs stories and other related texts. This continue to happen until March 2018. It is that month when I was connected to Printernet New York.

From blog to social enterprise

Starting the month I was connected to the new and important Facebook friend, things changed very quickly. With Printernet project, everything became clear. It was our real time to gather stories from the 4 corners of the country. It is a hard work but we made it. We are very thankful to M Ichael, Dasaratha Rama and Kevin Wilson. They supported us in many things. They encouraged us. With their councils, Menya Foundation was registered as a social enterprise in November 2018. We were able to differentiate textes from stories, we wrote and printed Magazines, we got many tools from them. We can mention Menya Magazine prototype for entrepreneurs conference. We have organized and run the entrepreneurs conference.

2018 was a year of success. To accomplish this, we need to avoid laziness and be zealous. We hope that 2019 will leave us with many accomplishments.


Menya Foundation registered within API


I am really thankful for many people who played a great role from my starting till now. When I started to use social networks, I was in bad financial situation. Many thanks to my wife who didn’t care about the lack of money in the familly. I remember many times at the end of the month, instead of buying food, the first thing was to buy data. Thanks to readers who have strengthened us in our journey. From 12/11/2018, Menya Foundation is known as one of the enterprise working in Burundi.

The journey

In 2011, I got marred. My wife didn’t get job. Financial problems were increasing from minute to minute. A thought came in my mind: to replace the lack of income caused by the unemployment of my wife. The problem was detected, but the solution was still unavailable. From that situation, I decided to buy a small phone. I used it to connect to Facebook.

i. A shared post become my opportunity.

I was using social networks without any hope. A friend of mine Rugomana Venerand shared a post of Yaga Community. It was in 2015. I saw that shared pist, it was over midinight. I woke up, took my block note seated in the seating room and started to write what Yaga Community asked. I was very confused but I continued at all. In the early morning, I went in a cyber to submit it. I submitted it without any hope. Fortunately, I got a call on 13/10/2015. It was a woman voice, telling me that I was selected to partake in a workshop. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I attended. All was new to me, but I decided to continue. I remember Anicet Nyamweru who created for me. I was really unable. I remember what Dacia Munezero concilled me. It was not easy to use a simple phone.

i. A team of good people

I begun to write. Some times, It was difficult to get inspiration. I remember how the editor used to resend my texts back to me, but he didn’t forget to correct me, showing me how things were to be. He really helped me. They encouraged me. The skills I got from Yaga Community led me to join World Merit through a Facebook application. In World Merit, I learned many things from entrepreneurs. As I continued to use social networks, I applied for Social Initiatives Support roject. I was selected and run it as a coach. This project helped me to see the way. The idea of creating Menya Foundation came from there.


Let’s care of other families. Part 2

Ecovillage Project of the Barrow & Cousins Family Foundation, Dankunku.

The village lies on the south bank of the central river of The Gambia, in Niamina Dankunku. It has a population of about 3,500 people, the ‘mandinkas’ being the main ethnic group. Dankunku is about 10 km from the main road of Soma-Basse and is accessible by a small access road.
Dankunku has a public primary school next to a small clinic, agriculture, livestock and forestry slightly. The village benefits from the rural water supply project through the installation of standpipes at strategic locations in the community, but there are no water line connections to households. There is no electricity or telephone, which makes communication in most areas extremely difficult or very limited.
People operate in the area, both livestock and agriculture. The most important monoculture in the region is peanuts. The main food crops are rice, millet and various vegetables. However. As a result, they rely heavily on support from other family members and / or parents living in other areas.
Dankunku next to the river has a lot of wild horses, animals. These include monkeys, bush pigs, hyenas and, until a few years, tigers and leopards that occur, but because of the high rate of deforestation in the region. Yet all of this could be introduced in the region with the support of appropriate projects. My foundation would like to welcome members and visitors to our friendly ecological farm project in Dankunku.

Dankunku as a rich cultural / traditional heritage. Culture and tradition are generally considered in this community as an important factor to promote unity, cooperation for mutual trust, understanding and cohesion among peoples. The annual cultural festival is always held as a « reunion festival » for the residents of Dankunku who are currently living far away. This allows families, friends, parents and loved ones to reconnect.

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Let’s care of other families

The Barrow & Cousins Family Foundation is a non-profit organization and a volunteer
foundation. My name is Momodou Barrow, CEO and Co-Founder of this organization, along with
my siblings have inherited the organization from our elders (Balang Barrow, Babagikebba
Barrow & Badingding Barrow).
Once upon a time in Niamina Dankunku, the Barrow family was extremely helpful to the
community. In memory of the great Balang Barrow (RIP Grandpa), he was a volunteer worker at
the Dankunku Health Care. He provided people with local services in the health center and was
very caring. Balang was always available anytime his services was needed. His legacy still
remains as his grandchildren realize the importance of voluntary work.
Each one Volunteer, One Volunteers to harvest our hopes into realities. Legacy Remains. Dankunku, The Gambia .
E-mail :momobarrow4real1@gmail. com/

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Printernet project as a key to the use of social medias

In every country, we have entrepreneurs. Some of them are based in town and cities while others are based in rural villages. With social medias, things are running fast. Many of the entrepreneurs, especially they that are based in the town and the cities use social medias to publish what they are doing. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, … you can see that people on the ground are working. When some of them are posting textes or stories, there are others, in the cities and town who are using social medias as deposit of pictures only. By the way, entrepreneurs based in rural villages do not use social medias. Among them some do not know the existence of that online field to use. They live and work in full ignorance. They do great work, but they are unknown. With Printernet project, their time has come.

Printernet project as a key to the use of social medias

When others run their project in the city or town, Printernet New York makes the difference. Its objectve is to enable rural villagers to access the internet and the electricity. In Mubuga village, Printernet project has already helped some leaders of local organizations to use social medias as a field of publication of their daily activities. For now, 15 ngos leaders have benefited of this micro-project of Printernet. As the project continue, others will be taught. The reason we decided to teach them is because they do greater things. Printernet project wants entrepreneurs to leave the pit they are, in order to publish what they do.

As they are many to work in rural villages, we are unable to cover all the country due to the lack of means. All what we can do is to help they that are in the area where the project is being run. We have hope that it will happen when we will have possibilities to reach out to them where they are in the forgotten villages.

You can email us at

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The fruits of zeal

It was over two years, I was working in some organizations as a volunteer. I was on the stage of asking myself how would that end. I had not answer and I was obliged to continue. The problem was that all what I did, I hadn’t a target. What I will never forget is the day I saw the application of running Social initiatives Support project. This project opened my mind. All what I do was lightened by that project.

Learn to apply

I run that project in 6 months, it was in 2017. This project this project helped me to see my focus. I saw and learned new things. It led me to the foundation of Menya Foundation, the social enterprise to help entrepreneurs to spread the word. With that foundation, things are going fast. Nowadays, we have gathered stories of entrepreneurs from around the four corners of Burundi. We did this because we want to help them to be visible.

The power of print

In all what we do, Printernet can’t be absent. The secret is that I continued to work. The Menya Magazine prototype is now available in English language. The stories are from Africa and by africans. The prototype was designed in New York City and printed in Burundi. This has helped us to shape the situation. With all this, we are ready to teach change to our readers. In the next days, we will be able to fix everything so that many will ask themself how things have been changed. With Printernet New York, Menya Foundation is shaping the whole world. Our thanks to our coach who has helped us in various ways.

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