The problem of new year

The first day of january is a great day for many people. It is a new year! They have to celebrate that great day in different ways. It is a day of joy.

People, in their habit celebrate great days. The new year’s day was not to be a celebration one. It is a day of reviewing what you have done in the ending year. We must have a look at our realizations! By the way, no one think on this eccept eating and drinkig. Even if they do so, the problem is that they eat the money they don’t have. In fact, for somebody to eat money on a great day, it depends on how things may have been in the last year. When you are planing the budget of the new year, you need to save money to use in case of problems. If the year ends without problem, that saved money can be used in celebration.

While one celebrate, others runs in different way for fornication. The result of that fornication is the attack of uncurable deasese. Most of them have those deasese.

If you celebrate, celebrate. Don,t run after other things.