The Printernet and Menya zines office buildings

The journey is to go from rented office to our own office. To build or not, this is a decision to be taken according to the challenges. We are on day 8. The walls erection has started. The Mubuga village does not have its own office and we were obliged to rent it. It isContinue reading “The Printernet and Menya zines office buildings”

The Printernet and Menya zines office buildings

The project is to enable every child in the world to read what is happening on the ground and be inspired by other young people. This picture shows the place where we are building our own office. Everyone remember that in July and August we were making adobe bricks to use in the foundation. NowContinue reading “The Printernet and Menya zines office buildings”

How the Printernet changed my lifestyle

Many of internet users don’t know what can happen when we decide to use social networks as professional. Here is a story of myself, showing you the advantage using social networks. How I came to know the Printernet In my journey of entrepreneur and blogger, I was occupied by runing project, especially based on SDG1Continue reading “How the Printernet changed my lifestyle”

Every – yes every – child will read in the world

Openly started in the early of 2018, this social enterprise has achieved many things and have changed the life of many families. This amazing impact is happening when many people are asking how the enterprise works. A. Achieved nano projects. 1. Installation of nodes ( Independent Pub Centers) To make this happen, the enterprise hasContinue reading “Every – yes every – child will read in the world”

The utility of social networks

Now that the earth is evolving very fast, many people don’t know the importance of social networks. Even entrepreneurs don’t think on using them to promote their business. I want to let you know how social networks brought me where I didn’t think I could be. This happened through the Printernet, a social enterprise throughContinue reading “The utility of social networks”

My job was not not to be this I am doing now.

In a country where graduates are many than offered jobs, everyone must think on to fight unemployment. Sedric Mugisha is an university graduate. After six years of unemployment, he decided to leave what he called “Crocodile tears ” and do other things. This is why he tried to find a small place in Gitega centralContinue reading “My job was not not to be this I am doing now.”

The goodness of the Printernet project

Every – yes every – child will read in the world Weekly report The Printernet project was started in 2018. As a social enterprise, people may know that it is not a charity organization. Its impact is invaluable and many families have changed their lifestyle. What you need to know about the project. Internet userContinue reading “The goodness of the Printernet project”

Weekly report August 10, 2019

Every – yes every – child will read in the world The project is shaping the whole world. Here in Africa, some people don’t understand how the internet bcan be used to train people and earn some money. With the Printernet zine, people with achievements will be known and will inspire others. Every Independent PubContinue reading “Weekly report August 10, 2019”

Débat YagaNawe

La mendicité est-elle devenue une fatalité? Malgré les nombreuses mesures prises par l’administration pour juguler la mendicité, ce problème persiste dans les villes du Burundi. Quels sont les facteurs qui rendent ce problème très complexe ? Existe-t-il un plan de réinsertion socio-économique en substitution à la mendicité ? Que faire et quels sont les acteursContinue reading “Débat YagaNawe”