WiFi Village Weekly Report

Mubuga WiFi village must make the difference

As it is known, Mubuga WiFi village, located in Gitega Commune and Province of Burundi, will be launched in few days . This WiFi Village is under the lead of Nzigamasabo Léonidas. The investissor is Printer Net Foundation. A Wifi village is known as a village in which villagers have not access on internet and electricity. This let us know that the connection and to recharge of cellphone are quite impossible for them. At that village, people will be enabled to recharge their devices and to connect to the internet. This is the reason why an inverter, a Vodafone mobile WiFi, a sim card, nine chargers, an electric wire, one socket, one bulb and one battery are on the ground. These ones were given by PrinterNet Foundation through the micro-investiment. At there, International Ngos like World Vision Burundi, Care International, Handicap International, JICA, TPO,…, will be able to conduct their conferences using the connection of Mubuga. This will be enabled by the use of a flat TV for teleconferences. Full of schools, a copier/printer will meet the needs of the headmasters for their exams. They will no longer go at Gitega or write them on blackboards. In the Youth Center house, young and old people will come to learn many things. There are other schools surrounding Mubuga Village. Their problem of typing exams will disappear. In case of job vacancies, villagers had to run to Gitega to get their diplomas and identity cards photocopied. There are also churches and health centers. All of these institutions will benefit in the use of WiFi in that village.

A Wifi village different from others.

Nzigamasabo Léonidas, the leader of Mubuga work team says: « Our WiFi Village must make the difference. The known micro-project is to enable villagers to recharge their devices, to connect them to other through internet and the organizations will be enabled in holding teleconferences. This must be done. We are still gathering equipment. In our plan, we will include events, we will empower the youth through CA lessons, we will incubate the initiatives of villagers in order to empower them. We will also introduce Girl Up Project, in which we will focus on the increasing of female employment in Burundi through entrepreneurship. In this project, we have two goals :

Mentorship and incubation of women owned startups ;

Offering financial and ITC support to promising startups and /or business concepts. We will train rural women in entrepreneurship using the facilities of Mubuga and World Merit Burundi as a coaches provider. Established startups with the desire and potential to scale will receive personalized mentorship. We will introduce :

*Micro-lending and financial support ;

* Training for rural women in Agribusiness and Sustainable Agriculture ;

* We will establish a formal partnership with one or more locally-based micro – finance service providers and other micro-project to make our WiFi Village more visible.

The training of rural women in Agribusiness and sustainable agriculture will be impactful because, according to United Nations Women, the country’s most productive industry is the agriculture and women are 55% of workforce and are particularly in that area. Go to http://africa.unwomen.org/en/where-we-are/eastern-and-southern-africa/burundi and also, widowed and divorced girls are subject to domestic, sexual and economic violence which are the causes of poverty. Go to http://www.sas.upenn.edu/ppe/Events/uniconf_2013/documents/Guerra.Pedro_FinalPaper_RoleOfWomenInBurundianSiciety_7.12.13pdf). Together with CGSEE, YSSE and Innova Group, World Merit will do great achievements. We will train young people how to apply through internet, how to get an scholarship, how to log in apps,…,. We will create jobs. In next months, Mubuga Village will be a poly learning center. « .

Really, Mubuga is a big village full of opportunities. We agree that the installation of a router, a flat TV and Wi-Fi connection and other devices will meet the needs of villagers. We are all awaiting the 10th July, 2018 since when that village will be providing villagers with Wi-Fi connection and other advantages.

By Canon Felix

Mubuga, Gitega, BURUNDI

PrinterNet Foundation

Weekly Wifi Village Report

June 28th , 2018