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In Burundi, there are many graduates unemployed. Some of them crossed their arms while others are working. To finish studies and not be hired, it is a new thing in this country. For they that are working, Menya Foundation will help them to spread the word. Some times, you saw on social networks two names: Menya Foundation and Menya Magazine. We want to help you to distinguish the difference between the Foundation and the Magazine. What is Menya Foundation? I know that the answer to this question will help you to understand who we are. By the next, we will be explaining the Magazine.

The roots of Menya Foundation was the Social Initiatives Support Project organized by the US Embassy in partnership with World Merit Burundi and Innova Group. In this project, I Canon Felix, member of World Merit Burundi was chosen as coach. It was in June 2017. The topics I was to develop were:

– Fundraising Planning

– Planning for Impact

– Leadership Planning.

These topics are very helpful in the life of an organization, a enterprise and/or a cooperative. I was asked to coach five ngos but I did it for 12. This took me a long time. In this journey, I saw that some of our enterpreneurs have problems, according to their mission. I saw they that are working in an inaccessible area. After the run of the project, I though on how I can help them to know their goals and to let their works known by the whole world. You may not know the meaning of Menya. This word is from Kirundi language. It means Know. To explain it very well, the kirundi word is Kumenya. This one means To Know. It is remarkable that Menya Foundation is working for the entrepreneurs. The target of this foundation is to spread the word. Menya Magazine is a social enterprise. It strengthens the entrepreneurs. Nowadays, it is posting stories relating to what is being done by young guys.

By next, you will see that the magazine is also doing greater things for them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at nderefelix2004

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